December 14, 2023 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Opening Prayer: Dallin called the meeting to order at 6:30. The opening prayer was offered by Jim Deuel. Present were Commissioners Jim Deuel, Mike Miller, Gordon Ball, Roger Anderson, and Dallin Gambles. Fire Chiefs Carl Anderson, Nic White, Jared Giannini, BC’s, Mitch Bingham, Jim Kelley, Corey Albertson, and Garth Foster. Nile Hall took minutes. Dennis Wilkinson and his wife, and Debby Hall were also present.

Approval of Expenditures—Action Item. Jim moved to accept the expenditures of $41,319.72 and $89,637.63 for payroll for a total of $130,957.25. Mike seconded and voting was unanimous by Jim, Dallin, Roger, Mike, and Gordon in the affirmative.


  1. Engine Replacement: Discussion was had regarding the availability of new engines to replace those coming to the end of their useful life. The estimated cost of replacing two engines is $1,675,902. The length of time to receive them would be three years from now. We could take a discount if over the next three years we could make payment of approximately $553,000 per year. The discussion was tabled until next month’s meeting. Nile will do some figuring for the budgets in the next three years to bring back a feasibility study of where the money could come from to handle such a purchase.


  1. New Chairman for the board: Roger moved to have Mike Miller serve as the Chairman for the 2024 Calendar year. Gordon seconded. Voting was unanimous by Jim, Dallin, Roger, Mike, and Gordon in the affirmative.
  2. Turnouts Action item. Nic proposed that we continue with our effort to upgrade turnouts as was started 2 years ago. Nic has received a bid for 8 turnouts at $27,656.96. Nic informed the commissioners that the turnouts have been ordered and will be received after the first of the year.

FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Carl turned the time to Nic to tell about recent fires. There have been 5 house fires that resulted in smoke damage. Response times to the scenes were favorable which saved lots of property value. During the month of November there were 129 EMS calls and 26 Fire Calls.

ASSISTANT EMS CHIEF: There were 48 ambulance transports for the month of November. Income for the month was very low because we will experience a delay in payments for 1-2 months until we get things into a rhythm with our accounting people that do the billing and collections for the ambulance services.

Jim Kelley reported that the grub slingers were responsible for the winter activity and that they will have a donation bucket available for any extra money that can be donated to them for their holiday giving plans. Debby Hall asked how much of the Heap the Helmet money has been collected and Jared responded approximately $3,300. 

Commissioners Report: No comments. Jim made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and Mike seconded, and voting was unanimous by Jim, Dallin, Roger, Mike and Gordon in the affirmative. The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM and all went to the winter activity.

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