April 13, 2023 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Opening Prayer: Dallin called the meeting to order at 8:00.  The opening prayer was offered by Mike Miller. Those present were Commissioners Jim Deuel, Mike Miller, Dallin Gambles, Gordon Ball, and Roger Anderson. Fire Chiefs Carl Anderson, Nic White, and BC’s, Mitch Bingham, Corey Albertson, Garth Foster, and Jim Kelly. Nile Hall was present to take minutes. There were many patrons present supporting the appreciation for quick and correct handling of an incident at Heisi Hot Springs by some of their employees. 

Carl Anderson took a moment to introduce Brody, Taylor and Levi, employees of Heisi Hot Springs. On March 11th, these 3 individuals pulled an older gentleman from the pool who was not breathing and had no pulse. They acted quickly doing CPR, putting patient on a backboard, hooking up an AED and when Rachel and Shanda, Quick Response team, arrived they found that everything needed to support life was already in progress. Dr Olaveson and others from the hospital also chimed in to thank the three young employees for their great work and quick response to keep the patient alive until Quick Responders and Ambulance took over the patient care. All present gave them a round of applause and the Fire District and Hospital gave appreciation plaques and other gifts to them expressing their thanks for the great work that they had performed.

Agenda: The printed agenda was present for all in attendance to view.

Minutes:Jim moved to accept the minutes as presented. Mike second and voting was unanimous by Jim, Mike, Roger, Gordon, and Dallin in the affirmative.

Budget Review:  Nile reported that expenditures were in line with the budget, that we have spent 91% of to date budget for the first half of the Fiscal Year. 

Approval of Expenditures—Action Item. Jim moved to accept the expenditures in the amount of $17,455.39, and $71,818.80 for payroll. Gordon seconded and voting was unanimous by Jim, Mike, Roger, Gordon, and Dallin in the affirmative.


  1. Discussion was had regarding the possible purchase of a ladder truck and the timing of such. Two stock trucks came available for $1.5 million. The first was sold in 30 minutes and the second in 2 days. It was determined that we should keep our options open and consider a used one that may become available. The authorization to purchase was put on hold for the time being. 
  2. Lighting bids were received for the replacement of lights in the offices and bays using lower cost LED lights. The bid form SEI was $15,293.88 with a $9,227,60 incentive from Rocky Mountain Power. Another bid from Synergy Electric was for $17,660 with $3,770 incentive. Jim moved to accept the bid from SEI, Mike seconded, and voting was unanimous by Jim, Mike, Roger, Gordon, and Dallin in the affirmative.


  1. Discussion was had regarding the impact fees charged for new buildings. It was decided that there will be a work meeting scheduled to meet with Mr. Olerton who is working with the Planning and Zoning regarding impact fees.
  2. Discussion was had regarding a 48–96-hour work schedule for the full time firefighters. It was decided to change the work schedule at a time a little later and as soon as a payment plan is formulated.
  3.  Full time employee salary was tabled until later. Carl and Nile were given the assignment to research and come back to the next meeting with a plan for salary step and grade proposal.

FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Carl reported that there were 145 EMS calls and 15 Fire calls in the month of March. They met with Dr Harper and received approval for all of the procedures and protocols for the Ambulance. Now just need to complete several reports and forms required by the state. BCs had nothing to report.

ASSISTANT CHIEF REPORTS: Nic had nothing to report. Jared Reported that Dr. Harper has signed off on Ambulance requirements. 

The meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM.

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