December 10, 2020 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Opening Prayer: Dallin offered the opening prayer.  Those present were Commissioners Mike Miller, Gordon Ball, Dallin Gambles, Jim Deuel and Roger Anderson; Fire Chief Carl Anderson with Assistant Fire Chief Nic White; and Battalion Chiefs Jim Kelly, Blaine Ker, Mitch Bingham, and Corey Albertson.  Nathan Bronson was the only patron present.  Dennis Wilkinson, CFD attorney, was present.  Nile Hall recorded the minutes. 

Approval of Agenda-Action Item: Roger moved to approve the agenda as presented. Dallin seconded.   The vote by Mike, Gordon, Dallin, Jim and Roger was unanimous. 

Approval of Minutes-Action Item: Mike moved to approve the minutes as previously reviewed by the commissioners.  Jim seconded.   The vote by Mike, Gordon, Dallin, Jim and Roger was unanimous. 

Budget Review:  Nile reviewed the budget.  This is the second month of the budget year. We had a very small financial impact of expenses and we are well under the budget. 

Approval of Expenditures-Action Item:  Dallin reviewed the expenditures of $111,516.70 and moved to accept this amount.  Jim seconded.   The vote by Mike, Gordon, Dallin, Jim and Roger was unanimous. 

Old Business:

  1. The building permit has been received by the Planning and Zoning for the quarters being built in Station 1. At this point in time Bateman Hall has most of the framing done and it is anticipated completion sometime in February.

New Business

  1. A proposal to update the website was presented by Marketable Media. Website was initially designed over 5 years ago and has new developments make it necessary to make some changes to update the site. Marketable Media proposed to make the needed updates for $1,500 with the capability to add on other user-friendly things that can be discussed in the next Commissioner meeting. Jim moved to accept the $1500 bid to start immediately with the upgrade and have Adam come to the January meeting to make additional suggestions. Mike seconded and the vote by Mike, Gordon, Dallin, Jim and Roger was unanimous. 
  2. Roger nominated Jim Deuel to be the Chairman of the Central Fire District Commissioners.   Mike moved nominations cease. The vote by Mike, Gordon, Dallin. Jim and Roger was unanimous. 
  3. Announcement of the Volunteer of the year for each station was presented by BC’s:

Station 1—Nathan Spencer “A responder that always goes above and beyond the call of duty in every situation.”

Station 2 – Mike Johnson “A valuable asset to the Ririe force who wants to continue as a fire fighter for as long as possible” Mike Johnson was present and received a plaque.

Station 3—Russell Overfield “There is no question for this decision. He is a hard worker”

Station 4—Nathan Bronson “He has showed what being a volunteer is all about”

  • Tires for 162 have been on the truck since 2002 and they are showing wear. They need to be replaced. We need 8 tires and they are $450 each for a total of $3263.92 which is not an action item just a notice of an expense.

Fire Chief Report:

            Auditors are doing their audit this week. For many years any expenditure over $500.00 has been coded as a capital expenditure. Things have progressed somewhat and now it is expected that anything under $2500 should be noted as an expense and not capitalized. Such was noted by the financial people. For the month of November there were 172 total calls, 124 EMS and 24 fires.

Assistant Chief Report:

The new truck has the body painted, the box and skid packs are on order.  Should be completed by the end of January. Still waiting on parts that are on order.

Commissioner Reports:

Merry Christmas to everyone and be safe out there.

Mike moved to close the meeting.  Dallin second.   The vote by Mike, Gordon, Dallin, Jim and Roger was unanimous and the meeting closed at 8;25 PM