September 10, 2020 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Opening Prayer:  Mike miller opened the meeting at 8:00. The opening prayer was offered by Dallin. Those present were Commissioners Jim Deuel, Mike Miller, Dallin Gambles, and Roger Anderson; Fire Chief Carl Anderson with Assistant Fire Chief Nic White; and Battalion Chiefs Jim Kelly, Blaine Ker, Mitch Bingham, and Corey Albertson. Gordon Ball was absent.  Dennis Wilkinson, CFD attorney was present with Melanie Sullivan recording the minutes.  Nile Hall, Jared Giannini, Graham Whipple and another patron were present. 

Approval of Agenda– ACTION ITEM:  Dallin moved to approve the agenda as presented.  Jim seconded.  The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous.   

Approval of Minutes – ACTION ITEM:   The minutes were reviewed by the commissioners previously.  Roger moved to accept the minutes.  Dallin seconded.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 

Budget Review:   We are well under the budget, mostly because of the capital expenditures being well under.  We are in a good position to move $200,000 to the capital savings account. 

Approval of Expenditures – ACTION ITEM:  Jim reviewed the expenditures and didn’t see anything untoward.  He moved to approve the expenditures in the amount of  45,824.71.  Roger seconded.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 

Vote to go in to Executive Session pursuant to Idaho Statute 74-206(b):  Dallin moved to go into executive session pursuant to Idaho Statute 74-206(b).  Jim seconded.      The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 


Return to regular meeting.  Mike reconvened the meeting at 8:39.


  1. New Ririe engine – DISCUSSION ITEM:  Carl said that he has the contract for the truck that was voted on to be purchased last month.  We do need to send half of the price of the engine with the contract. 
  2. Remodel/living quarters district building – DISCUSSION ITEM:  Graham said all the documentation has been done and submitted but the review process is taking forever.  The bid will be advertised in the next couple of weeks in the Post Register and Jefferson Star, in time to be opened by the next commissioner meeting.
  3. New EMS truck for Rigby – DISCUSSION ITEM:  Nic talked to Ken Garff and got the truck rolling. 


  1. Station 2 Captain applications – DISCUSSION ITEM:  Carl said that the captain position is open at the Ririe station until tomorrow end of day. 
  2. Transfer extra money to capital account – ACTION ITEM:  Dallin moved to transfer $200,000 into the capital fund, per the published budget, in preparation of future capital expenditures.  Roger seconded.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 

FIRE CHIEF REPORT:  Carl reported that we had 23 service calls during the two days of windstorm.

He reported that they are in negotiation with a new doctor to be the medical director.  Roger is going to do some research on the compensation of medical directors in the area. 

Carl said that IFCH has put a plan in place to notify to the fire district in the event of the district having handled a COVID patient.     
        – Battalion Chief input:  The BCS has no input.

ASSISTANT CHIEF REPORT:  Nic gave the commissioners an updated copy of  SOG’s.

He reported that for the month of August, the district responded to 132 EMS calls and 21 fires. 

COMMISSIONER REPORTS: Jim moved to adjourn at 8:56. Dallin seconded.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 

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