May 14, 2020 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Opening Prayer: Gordon called the meeting to order at 8:03.  The opening prayer was offered by Roger.  Those present were Commissioners Jim Deuel, Mike Miller, Gordon Ball, Dallin Gambles via telephone, and Roger Anderson; Fire Chief Carl Anderson with Assistant Fire Chief Nic White; and Battalion Chiefs Jim Kelly, Blaine Ker, Mitch Bingham, and Corey Albertson.  CFD attorney Dennis Wilkinson.  Melanie Sullivan recorded the minutes.  There were no patrons present.

Approval of Agenda– ACTION ITEM: Roger moved to approve the agenda as written.  Jim seconded.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Gordon, and Roger was unanimous.  Dallin had not yet been phoned in.   

Approval of Minutes – ACTION ITEM: The March minutes were reviewed by the commissioners previously (the April meeting was not held due to COVID).  Jim moved to approve the minutes as presented.  Roger seconded.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 

Budget Review:  We are well under budget from where we would expect to be at this time if year.  This is a good place to be as we approach the busy summer season.

Approval of Expenditures for both March and April – ACTION ITEM:  Jim reviewed the expenditures and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.  There were large but expected expenditures for turn outs ($25,720.32) and the annual workman’s comp insurance premium ($13,388).  Jim moved to approve the expenditures in the amount of $57,473.11.  Roger seconded.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 


  1. Ririe engine replacement – ACTION ITEM: Carl would like to start working with Dennis to piggyback off the Idaho Falls bid to get an engine from Pierce, with the understanding that if they didn’t like the bid, they didn’t have to purchase.  This purchase has been included in the annual budget. Mike moved to let Carl go ahead and get a bid from Pierce.  Gordon seconded.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 
  2. Ririe QRU truck – DISCUSSION ITEM:  Nic said they are still on track to get the truck by the end of May. 
  3. BLM at Menan station – DISCUSSION ITEM:  Carl said they met with the BLM this week and are working out the fine details.  The BLM wants to move in the last part of May.  The BLM will only roll out on BLM wildland fires unless asked by CFD to assist. 


  1. Quickbooks program change for direct deposit – ACTION ITEM:  Melanie did some research and found out that it would cost about $500 more per year than we are currently paying to get the Quickbooks program that would include direct deposit in the price.  Carl polled several volunteers, and around half would prefer to have a physical check. Dallin explained that this could make it easier on the BC’s, especially at times like last month when we don’t meet together. The volunteer could choose either direct deposit or physical check. Dallin moved to accept the program change.  Mike moved to second.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 

FIRE CHIEF REPORT:  The call volume has gone down considerably during the COVID crisis.  The leadership have gone to all kinds of meetings over the last few weeks.  They still have plenty of supplies.  They have shared some of their facemasks and still have plenty left. 
        – Battalion Chief input:  Jim reported on a couple of calls.  One was a response to a fatality where a pedestrian was hit.  They were able to respond very quickly but were unable to revive her.  They also responded to a severe dog mauling.  This was also a very quick response and contributed the patron’s life being saved.  

ASSISTANT CHIEF REPORT: Nic said that the Fire/EMS 24/7 program that they purchased has been put out and the volunteers have started using it as a training tool. 


Gordon called to adjourn the meeting at 8:33. Jim moved to adjourn.  Roger Seconded.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 

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