January 2017 Newsletter



  • The office will be closed Monday, January 16th for Martin Luther King Day
  • District drill on February 2 at Station #1 – We will have a couple of cases that we will review with the EIRMC Trauma Coordinators. They have also asked to review some items with Stroke and STEMI. We will be starting at 7:00 pm so please try to be on time.


  • Congratulations to Ben and Shacie Doman! They welcomed twin boys Abram and Benson on January 1st. They were EIRMC’s first babies of the new year.
  • I think December 2016 MAY have been a record! Call volume was up 47 calls over December 2015 and we paid a total of 956 man hours! Thanks for all your hard work.
  • 2016 was a very busy year for us at CFD and we thank you for all that you have done. We have had more mutual aid calls than ever before and we are well thought of because of our professionalism and dedication to our patrons. So Thanks Again for all that you do. – 170
  • This winter has been busy for us and we have had a few mishaps. We just wish to remind everyone to slow down just a little and help each other. We all need to know how to drain our pumps on our engines and tenders to prevent freeze-ups. If you don’t know, please take a minute and learn. Ask someone to show you and let’s make sure we get this done.
  • Driving is always a concern “Let’s stay safe out there”. When out on the road for vehicle wrecks and slide-offs please be extremely vigilant. We had one sheriff’s vehicle get rear-ended out on Highway 20, so we need to be watchful of cars and trucks traveling on the roads.


Station 1
EMS – 60 (+14)
Fire – 13 (+9)

Station 2
EMS – 17 (+4)
Fire – 5 (+2)

Station 3
EMS – 8 (+6)
Fire – 5 (+3)

Station 4
EMS – 12 (+6)
Fire – 0 (-2)


Station 1
EMS – 657 (+45)
Fire – 95 (-10)

Station 2
EMS – 170 (+21)
Fire – 51 (+18)

Station 3
EMS – 93 (+40)
Fire – 36 (-2)

Station 4
EMS – 95 (+34)
Fire – 17 (-1)