November 10, 2016 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Opening Prayer: Jim called the meeting to order at 8:05 pm. Commissioners Roger Anderson, Jim Deuel, Gordon Ball, and Dallin Gambles were in attendance. He excused Mike Miller due to illness. Blaine gave the opening prayer. There were five patrons in attendance. The BCs Mitch Bingham, Jim Kelly, Blaine Ker,and Roy Kennedy were present as well as Fire Chief Bryan Grover and Assistant Chief Carl Anderson. Melanie Sullivan was also in attendance.

Agenda Approval: Dallin moved to accept the agenda as presented. Jim seconded. The vote by Jim, Roger, Gordon and Dallin was unanimous.

Minutes: The minutes were reviewed by the commissioners previously. Roger moved to accept the minutes as written. Gordon seconded. The vote was unanimous by Roger, Jim, Gordon, and Dallin.

Budget Review: Melanie reported that with 4.5% of the budget being used so far, CFD is under budget for the month and the year.

Approval of Expenditures: Dallin reviewed the expenditures and reported them to be acceptable. He moved to accept the expenditures. Gordon seconded. The vote by Roger, Jim, Gordon, and Dallin was unanimous.

Patron Input: Kaden Romriell reported on his Eagle Scout project which was the flag pole at the Lewisville station.


  1. Christmas bonuses: Last month, the bonuses were returned to a simpler system. Jim asked if Christmas bonuses should be approved. Dallin says there is no reason not to. Jim moved to grant Christmas bonuses to all employees for whom it would be applicable. The bonuses will be $150. Roger seconded. The vote was unanimous by Roger, Jim, Gordon, and Dallin.
  2. Idaho Falls dispatch & mutual aid: Roger brought the mutual aid agreement for review. Roger said the agreement is that Idaho Falls will be responsible for their people and CFD will be responsible for its people in cases were one is asked to help the other. This will help especially on the boundaries of the two districts where a fire in one district could become a fire in the other district. Jim moved to have this mutual aid agreement approved pending approval by the lawyer. Roger seconded. The vote was unanimous by Roger, Jim, Gordon, and Dallin. Roger also talked to dispatch. Idaho Falls dispatch has made some changes so that CFD is dispatched quicker. There is an ongoing dialogue with Dwayne at Idaho Falls.
  1. Ririe generator: Carl reported that the generator was delivered last week. The rest of the components were delivered a day or two later. Nelson Electric said that the 16th and 17th is the goal to get the generator in.
  2. Status of 164: Bryan reported that of the $10,000 held to fix defects in this truck, 7,428.74 has been spent. The winch for the truck has been replaced because the old winch was the wrong one. Brian will make an offer for the removed winch so it can be kept and used on another truck. The remainder of the $10,000 will be returned to the manufacturer.
  3. Menan Coop property: The lawyer added to the contract that the Coop knows of no environmental issues with this property. The contract was signed by commissioners and returned to the Co-op. We can now move ahead with the property.


  1. Idaho Code74-206 (1) (b) Personnel issue: Commissioners discussed having an executive session following the meeting. Roger moved to have an executive session. Dallin dissented but the majority of Gordon, Jim, and Roger voted to have the meeting.
  2. ICRMP terrorism insurance: Bryan reported that the cost of terrorism insurance would be $7846 a year. Insurance companies are required to now offer this insurance to clients. The commissioners agreed not to have the insurance. Rigby is not a high target area for terrorists.

FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Bryan reported that he and Carl attended training on policy in Boise. It was very educational. They learned that they should be reviewing their policies every year.

Jeanette is working on getting some of the leadership approved so that they can attend a six-day training.

ASST. CHIEF REPORT: Carl reported that he attends meetings with the hospital. The hospital staff would like to come and do some run reviews with CFD as training so the responders will know what the hospitals are looking for when a patient is brought in.

He also reported that Hamer Fire Chief contacted CFD for advice on information on how to get training. Carl invited him to come do some training with CFD.

He said that one particular patient has made repeated calls for a QRU but has rarely been transported. Carl talked to Health and Welfare about what can be done to help this patient.


Station 1. Rigby:
Jim: 71 EMS calls 4 fires. Jim reported that they responded to calls to the previously mentioned patient 16 times in one month. She was sometimes transported but usually not. They responded to a shooting, but the team responded well. Morale is good.

Station 2. Ririe:
Blaine: 6 EMS, 3 fire. Nothing too important to report on. They had some good training.

Station 3. Lewisville:
Roy: 9 EMS and 3 fire calls. Nothing too eventful. One new firefighter was issued equipment. 2 more applicants are starting the training. Whit is doing a lot of help with training.

Station 4. Menan:
Mitch7 EMS no fires. He asked if they could put a sign up that lets the community know the new fire station is coming. There are plans to do some training on the old co-op building soon. Idaho Falls has asked to participate in the training. Mike Miller has previously suggested that when they do the demo, get a bid on demolishing both buildings, although both buildings would be demolished at different times.


Roger-EMS & Training/Gordon-Equipment /Dallin-Facilities/Jim-Budget/Mike-PR

Jim thanked everyone for their hard work. Meeting adjourned at 9:00.