December 10, 2015 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Commissioner meeting began at 6:30 PM at the Rigby Middle School Cafeteria. Those commissioners in attendance were Roger, Jim, Gordon, & Mike. Chief Bryan Grover and Asst. Chief Carl Anderson along with BC’s represented by Paul Bradley, Blaine Ker, Roy Kennedy, and Mitch Bingham. Nile and Debby Hall were excused. Jeanette Anderson substituted as Secretary.

As it was the night of the Winter Party the meeting was shortened.

 Items Discussed were:

  1. Gordon welcomed everyone and reviewed bills.
  2. Mike moved to accept expenditures. Roger seconded. All voted in favor.
  3. Mark Babb spoke about emergency generators for the Ririe station. He discussed advantages of propane or natural gas vs. diesel. Bryan will check with Rocky Mountain Power on a possible time requirement on the double power meter. Mark will work on some proposals using the options discussed and come back to the next meeting.
  4. Bryan had some comparison bids for the old 164 chassis. Mud Lake is interested in buying it. It was discussed and decided it should probably be put out for bid to sell.
  5. Carl brought up that Mud Lake wants to buy 20 of our old Motorola radios we no longer use for $125 each. All voted in favor.
  6. Mike nominated Jim Deuel to be chairman for the next year. Gordon seconded. Allapproved and Jim accepted.
  7. Jim announced that the Ririe commissioner seat will remain vacant between the first of the year and the May election. Candidates Roger Anderson and Lori Newton wil both be invited to attend all commissioner meetings during that time as patrons so whoever wins the election will be up to speed on what the commissioners have been dealing with.
  8. Meeting was adjourned to start the Winter Party and Presentation of Service awards.