October 2015 Newsletter



  • The office will be closed Monday, October 12th for Columbus Day.
  • October is Fire Safety month. We will have LOTS of requests for station tours, etc. Please keep an eye on your email and help out where you can.


  • All District personnel should be aware that there are some false requests for information being sent to the office and possibly members of the district. If you receive a request for information, please direct that request to the office for verification. Individual members should never release any information that pertains to the District SOP’s, patient care or call information.
  • Just a reminder that Commissioner’s Meeting is held at 8 PM in the classroom of Station 1 on the second Thursday of each month. It is open to the public and members of Central Fire District. All are welcome to come to the meetings to see how the District functions and see what the Commissioners are tasked with, i.e. large scale purchasing, expenditures, patron comments, state of the District and reports from the District and Battalion Chiefs.
  • Thanks to Jeanette Anderson, Commissioner Roger Anderson and Doug Kinney from Air Methods for the District pediatric training in September. Lots of good and useful information and training!
  • When we have a District get together or training, let us not be shy! Introduce yourself to new people and people you don’t know. You might be working with them on your next call. It’s always more comfortable to know the person you are working with.
  • Ririe folks did a good job on the motorcycle accident on Highway 48. It was not a good outcome, but they used their skills appropriately. Life Flight expressed that the landing zone setup was perfect. They appreciate the care we take to get them on the ground safely.


Station 1

  • EMS – 36 (-31)
  • Fire – 12 (+5)

Station 2

  • EMS – 11 (-3)
  • Fire – 1 (-5)

Station 3

  • EMS – 8 (+5)
  • Fire – 3 (-2)

Station 4

  • EMS – 8 (+4)
  • Fire – 3 (+2)