March 12, 2015 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Commissioner meeting began at 8:00 p.m. Gordon called the meeting to order. Roy Kennedy gave the opening prayer. Those commissioners in attendance were Gordon, Jim, Dallin, and Mike. Chief Bryan Grover and Asst. Chief Carl Anderson along with B.C.’s represented by Paul Bradley, Blaine Kerr, Roy Kennedy, and Mitch Bingham.

AGENDA APPROVAL: Dallin moved to approve agenda, Mike second and unanimous vote.

MINUTES: Nile read the Minutes for Feb 12, 2015. Dallin moved to approve and Mike seconded. Voting was Unanimous.

BUDGET REVIEW: Nile reported that expenditures are in line with the budgets for the year.

 EXPENDITURES: Jim moved to pay expenditures for February. Gordon seconded and vote was unanimous.

PATRON INPUT: One Patron Present. No comment.


  1. Turnouts: Will be shipped tomorrow. Should have by Wednesday.
  2. Generators for Stations update: Carl reported on the research he has done. Dual fuel generators only go to 60 KW. He will meet with Electricians to determine and get bids for the Ririe Station. Suggest going with natural gas.
  3. 164 Chassis: Piled under inches/feet of snow. Maybe March 3-4 weeks once get started.
  4. FEMA Grant Application Progress: Progress is slow but things look favorable at this time.
  5. Inventory System: Online training $125/hr or $645/day. Onsite training 2 days $1750/day. Could host a seminar and invite many to come. Mike moved Dallin second that we opt for 2 day onsite. Voting unanimous.


  1. Web Site Upgrade proposal: Bryan presented Marketable Media’s quote for upgrade of website. $2500. web build and $75.00 per month to host and keep upgrading pictures, happenings, PR, etc. Jim moved Mike Second. Vote unanimous.

FIRE CHIEF REPORT: DEQ is already out checking out burning. We are gearing up for a heavy duty fire month/summer.

ASSIST CHIEF REPORT: Busy people are happy people. Appreciate what people are doing.

STAT #1:
Fire 5 EMS 57
Paul said that morale in station is good. Doing individual interviews with people and it is helping people learn and know what they need to do to improve.

STAT #2:
Fire 0 EMS 13
Blaine said training is good and morale is better. Ice coming off hill which will lessen the EMS Kelley Hill runs.

STAT #3: Fire 3 EMS 3
Roy reported that morale has always been good. Had excellent work on a fully involved ceiling fire and reports that no loss of personal property due to good actions of fire people. They have 2 people that are interested in joining with Lewisville. Aaron Barrett and Chris Holenback.

STAT #4: Fire 0 EMS 4
Things going good at Menan. No complaints and thanks for all of your support. People keep supporting training.

COMMISSIONER: Mike moved that we adjourn and go into Executive session to discuss personnel.