May 2021 Newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • East Idaho Fire Chiefs Academy is May 21st-23rd at CEI. Register at under the training tab. Classes are Vehicle Extrication, Flashover Trailer and 1403 Burn Trailer. Training is free of charge this year, but you will be responsible for your own meals.


  1. It has been a busy few weeks and we appreciate all you have done! From wildland fires, vehicle accidents, tractor/PTO accidents to gunshot wounds, we have seen a little of everything! Our Medical Director, Dr. Harper, has expressed what an amazing job we are doing. You probably notice that he is on our Active911 and opens up a lot of our calls.
  2. Ririe had a tough call out by Mountain River Ranch. The call ended tragically but the family appreciates all the effort put into treating the patient.
  3. The victim of the tractor PTO accident is doing well and his parents are thankful of the extreme care in which we handled this patient. He is in good spirits and doing better than expected. He had a life-changing moment and is thankful to be alive.
  4. Great work on the early wildland fires we have had in our areas! We have had several incidents and I want all firefighters to get your task books and get them signed as to your job duties and capabilities. If you haven’t received a task book, please talk with your station leadership. The refresher for wildland is out to all stations and we have had one group already do the pack test. We can do another pack test if we have enough interested in doing so. There are also some wildland-related online courses you can do. Contact station or district leadership for info.
  5. The month of May has been quite a busy month so far. Stay resilient and stay tough! The school incident was one that makes your heart sink when hearing the dispatch. This is where your training kicks in. Nobody is perfect and no incident is handled flawlessly but we all did a tremendous job. The community and all who look to us for help are deeply thankful for our quick response and professional handling of the situation. This incident could have been deeply tragic and we are very thankful it turned out as it did.
  6. We had an accidental shooting on the same day as the school incident and again your skill and professionalism shines! The family is grateful for your presence and work ethic.

Call Summary-April 2021

  • Station 1
    • EMS – 77 (+31)
    • Fire – 20 (+11)
  • Station 2
    • EMS – 20 (+5)
    • Fire – 11 (+9)
  • Station 3
    • EMS – 12 (-3)
    • Fire – 8 (+8)
  • Station 4
    • EMS – 9 (-3)
    • Fire – 8 (+7)