April 8, 2021 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Jim Deuel called the meeting to order. Those present were Commissioners Gordon Ball, Dallin Gambles, Jim Deuel and Roger Anderson. Mike Miller was excused.  Fire Chief Carl Anderson and Assistant Fire Chief Nic White were present. Battalion Chiefs Jim Kelley, Blaine Ker, Mitch Bingham and Corey Anderson were also present. Jared Giannini was training CPR out of town and was excused. Attorney Dennis Wilkinson was present. He brought a young unnamed teenage boy to observe the meeting.

Opening Prayer: Nile Hall

Approval of Agenda: Dallin moved to approve the agenda.  Gordon 2nd.  All commissioners were in favor.

Approval of minutes: Roger moved to approve the minutes as written.  Gordon 2nd with all in favor.

Budget Review: Nile reported spending 40.66% of the fiscal year budget which includes the completion of the upstairs living quarters. This compared with 50% of the fiscal year completed.

Approval of Expenditures:  Jim made a motion to accept the expenditures of $11,737.35 and payroll of $44,941.83.  Gordon 2nd and all commissioners were in favor.

Public Input: None present.

Old Business: Fridge, Oven and microwave have been purchased. Beds are other furniture are in short supply and are being researched.

New Business: ISO Rating is scheduled for May 25. Actions being reviewed are fire hydrant connection sizes, water flow of various apparatus, training of personnel on each various apparatus, and a number of other miscellaneous things that contribute to an ISO Rating. The last time there was an ISO Rating audit was in 2007.

Lighting in Station 1 upgrade can take two different ways. Replacing insides of original fixtures or changing out lights with high bay lights was discussed. Jim moved to allocate up to $14,000 to replace or upgrade existing 48 eight foot lights in Station 1 with Chiefs and BC to make best decision. Roger 2nd and all commissioners approved.

Fire Chief: Annis Highway scheduled for paving next week. They are working with Planning and Zoning on wording about sub-divisions regarding safe water supply. Currently 333 platted sub-divisions on the books. Some personnel have been donating time to Eastern Idaho Public Health to assist in COVID-19 shots and paperwork which has been appreciated more than doubling the number of shots given.

Battalion Chief’s had no comments.

Assistant Chief: 163 Box is done but the roll up door availability has been a little hold up. Ririe has had a number of new people and the Campus Academy students have been doing some good work for us.

Dallin motion to adjourn at 8:35 PM.  Gordon 2nd and all commissioners were in favor.