April 2021 Newsletter

  • Idaho State University EMS Conference April 30th & May 1st.  Register at www.certain.isu.edu/emc  
  • East Idaho Fire Chiefs Academy is May 21st-23rd at CEI. Registration is open now  at https://eifca.org under the training tab. Class offerings are Vehicle Extrication, Flashover Trailer and 1403 Burn Trailer. Training is free of charge this year, but you will be responsible for your own meals.
  2. ‘Tis the season for burning!! We have already experienced some out-of-control ditch and field fires. Time to check your wildland boots for unwanted spiders. Make sure your wildland gear still fits! Also make sure you have gloves, helmet and eye protection.
  3. Please remember that when we get USIWG calls for assistance on wildfires we will check rosters to see who has attended the refreshers and pack testing. If you want to go on these calls, MAKE SURE you attend the appropriate trainings and are familiar with our wildland equipment!!! You must also be able to deploy for 24 hours straight to be sent on these fires.
  4. This is the time of year where it is so important that we know who is available. It sounds like a broken record, but this is why we always ask you to let leadership know if you will be out of the area.
  5. EMS personnel – Idaho Falls ambulances are busier than ever and there are times when they have all ambulances out on calls. Never jeopardize patient care but be aware of times when an ambulance is not necessary and can be cancelled.
  6. We have lots of new faces in the District! Some are long-term hires, and some are BYU-I students providing help over the summer at multiple stations. If you have not met them, be sure to introduce yourself. They are very enthusiastic to be here and have been great assets already!
  • Station 1
    • EMS – 46 (-17)
    • Fire – 9 (+1)
  • Station 2
    • EMS – 15 (-11)
    • Fire – 2 (+1)
  • Station 3
    • EMS – 15 (+7)
    • Fire – 0 (+-0)
  • Station 4
  • EMS – 12 (-6)