March 11, 2021 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Jim Deuel called the meeting to order. Those present were Commissioners Mike Miller, Gordon Ball, Dallin Gambles, Jim Deuel. Roger Anderson was connected via telephone. Fire Chief Carl Anderson and Assistant Fire Chief Nic White were excused. Battalion Chiefs Blaine Ker, Mitch Bingham and Corey Anderson were also present. Jared Giannini was representing Chief Anderson and Asst. Chief White.

Opening Prayer: Dallin Gambles

Approval of Agenda: Dallin moved to approve the agenda with the addition of Public input following the approval of Expenditures.  Gordon 2nd.  All commissioners were in favor.

Approval of minutes: Gordon moved to approve the minutes as written.  Dallin 2nd with all in favor.

Budget Review: Nile reported spending 94% of the year-to-date budget which includes the completion of the upstairs living quarters.

Approval of Expenditures:  Jim made a motion to accept the expenditures of $83,487’53 and payroll of $44,788.33.  Dallin 2nd and all commissioners were in favor.

Public Input: Bryon Blakeley came to discuss the possibility of being removed from the Fire District. He owns property far to the east of Ririe and was asking for information about the response times to that property. Jim suggested that the commissioners could not handle a discussion without being on the agenda and suggested that the best start regarding the Fire District would be for him to come in during the daytime and have a discussion with the Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief to lay some groundwork and find some answers regarding response times and the area and then request for some time by getting on the agenda for the next commissioner meeting.

Old Business:

Update of living quarters build: Jared reported that the living quarters were complete.

Jared also reported that the UTV has arrived and they only need to attach some lights to make it completely serviceable.

New Business:

Beds/bedding allowance: Dallin moved to allocate $2500 to buy good beds and bedding for the 5 rooms. Mike 2nd and all commissioners were in favor.

Appliance allowance: Jared gave some pricing info on table and chairs, refrigerator, range, microwave and recliners. Dallin moved to allocate $5000 for furnishings. Gordon 2nd and all voted approval.

Dallin made a motion to adjourn at 8:28 PM.  Mike 2nd and all commissioners were in favor.