February 11, 2021 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Jim Deuel called the meeting to order. Those present were Commissioners Mike Miller, Gordon Ball, Dallin Gambles, Jim Deuel and Roger Anderson. Also present were Fire Chief Carl Anderson, Assistant Fire Chief Nic White, and Battalion Chiefs Jim Kelly, Blaine Ker, Mitch Bingham and Corey Anderson. Jared Giannini recorded the minutes

Opening Prayer: Gordon Ball

Approval of Agenda: Mike moved to approve the agenda.  Gordon 2nd.  All commissioners were in favor.

Approval of minutes: Roger moved to approve the minutes as written.  Mike 2nd with all were in favor.

Budget Review: Jim explained that the budget looked great and we are on track.

Approval of Expenditures: Jim explained that the expenditures looked a little funny due to the reimbursement for the radios.  Jim made a motion to accept the expenditures of $71,531.59 and payroll of $44,832.33.  Dallin 2nd and all commissioners were in favor.

Old Business:

Update of living quarters build: Chief explained that they are just waiting on the furnace, but we are near completion.  A cleaning crew will be here next week to start cleaning the dust and debris from the construction project. 

Electrical for Menan Station upstairs:

Chief explained that he visited with the State and it did not have to go out to bid.  Nelson Electric will be starting on the project this week.  The estimated cost was $20,000 and the bid came in at just over $7,000 saving the district roughly $13,000. 

New Business:

Radios: Chief explained that we set aside $94,500 of foregone money to purchase radios.  Chief asked that we purchase 45 radios at $2089.40 per radio for a total of $94,023.00.  Mike made the motion to purchase 45 radios for $94,023.00.  Roger 2nd with all commissioners in favor.

Turnouts: Chief explained that the price of turnouts is going up again in March.  He stated that if we order 8 pairs that are in the budget before March, we will get last years pricing.  He requested that we purchase 8 full pairs of turnouts for $19,188.72.  Jim D made a motion to buy 8 pairs of turnouts in the amount of $19,188.72.  Dallin 2nd with all commissioners in favor. 

County/District Grant – UTV for Tech/wildland/Sheriff: Chief explained that Rebecca Squires Jefferson County Emergency Manager, is working on a grant to purchase a UTV.  It will be shared between the Sheriff’s Office and Central Fire for tech, other rescues and events. 

BC Input: Jim D explained that they never hear from the District Battalion Chiefs.  He asked for their input on how they feel about having input.  Would they like the opportunity? 

Station 3: Corey stated that if its something the commissioners would like them to do, he is ok with it.

Station 4: Mitch stated that he thought he had the opportunity to do so with the BC input part of the agenda and he feels like he could share stuff if he had anything to share.

Station 2: Blaine stated that usually if something needs to be said Chief covers it for them.  He is ok with whatever. 

Station 1: Jim K thinks it’s a good idea to catch up the commissioners on calls and personnel. 

Chief: Chief stated that he is good with it.  Expenditures and other items still need to come through him for approval and then Chief will approach the commissioners.

Jim D: Jim posed the question to the Battalion Chief’s if they would like to have Quarterly meetings with the commissioners?  He wants the BC’s to know how important they are. 

Roger: Roger stated that he was good with the input and quarterly meetings and reiterated that expenditures and other items still need to run through Chief.

Dallin: Dallin stated he thought BC input on the agenda was for that exact reason.  He enjoys hearing the wins.

Gordon: Gordon stated that he was good with it.

Mike: Mike stated he likes the BC input and to hear about the stations growing and the calls they go on.

Chief Report: Chief reported that he spoke with Verl Jarvie about volunteering and helping with plans, new construction and helping with grants. Verl is in agreeance and would like to do that. Chief spoke about new growth within the district and stated that we are only growing. We want to start replacing the light fixtures in Station 1 with LEDs.  We are getting quotes on that right now. We are looking into replacing Firehouse with Imagetrend.  Firehouse is not supported anymore and is outdated. 

Chief and Asst. Chief White will be flying to Florida to on March 8th to finalize the build of new engine 181.  The cost of the trip was included in with the price of the truck. 

Assistant Chief Report: Chief White stated that the box is being built for the new QRU vehicle.  The box should be shipped soon.  The build should be done within the 160 days. 103 total calls for January. 

BC Input: Jim K stated that things have been busy. Blaine stated that they have a few new hires and the leadership change has been good and everybody is adjusting great. Mitch stated that he was excited for the new lighting go in the upstairs of the Menan Station. Corey stated that they are getting a few new hires.  Calls have been mellow.  He is going to be a grandpa. 

Mike made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Roger 2nd and all commissioners were in favor