June 11, 2020 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Opening Prayer: Gordon called the meeting to order at 8:04. Nile Hall offered the opening prayer.   Those present were Commissioners Jim Deuel, Mike Miller, Gordon Ball, Dallin Gambles, and Roger Anderson; Fire Chief Carl Anderson with Assistant Fire Chief Nic White; Battalion Chiefs Jim Kelly, Blaine Ker, Mitch Bingham, and Corey Albertson. CFD attorney Dennis Wilkinson was in attendance along with Nile Hall.  Melanie Sullivan recorded the minutes.  Jared Giannini and a few patrons were present.

Approval of Agenda– ACTION ITEM:  Dallin moved to approve the agenda as written.  Mike seconded. The vote by Jim, Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 

Approval of Minutes – ACTION ITEM: The minutes were reviewed by the commissioners previously.  Jim moved to approve the minutes as written.  Roger seconded.  The vote by Jim, Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 

Budget Review:  Melanie reviewed the budget.  We are well below where we would expect to be this time of year, largely due to not having yet made large capital purchases


Approval of Expenditures – ACTION ITEM: Jim and Mike reviewed the expenses. They did ask Carl why the Century Link bill is a little higher at Ririe than it is at the other stations.  Carl said he would make an inquiry into that.  Jim moved to approve the expenditures in the amount of $16,602.63. Mike seconded.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 


  1. Update on upstairs living quarter from Graham – DISCUSSION ITEM:  Graham sent a review with Carl who explained that an engineer has been out to look at what it will take to put a bathroom in the upstairs living quarters.  They will have to access the women’s bathroom on the main floor to bring the plumbing up into the living quarters. 


  1. Debra Nims annexation into fire district – DISCUSSION/ACTION ITEM:  Debra is here to petition annexation of her property on Birch Creek Road in Ririe into the fire district.  She says that she is not currently in any fire district.  This is a Bonneville county road that is maintained by that county.  Jim pointed out that this property is a distance from the fire station, slowing response time. Ms. Nims said she is aware of the delayed response time and is making her own plans for fire suppression. Mike moved to accept the annexation contingent upon approval of the Bonneville County commissioners.  Gordon seconded.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 
  2. SOG for current Logistic Officer position – ACTION ITEM:  Carl said they wrote a SOG for the position of Logistics Officer, which is currently held by Jared.  Dennis reviewed the SOG.  This is basically to define Jared’s position.  This was sent out via email for review by the battalion chiefs and the commissioners.  Gordon moved to approve the SOG defining the Logistics officer position.  Mike seconded.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 
  3. Foregone money – DISCUSSION ITEM:  Nile explained that he recently received a call from the Alan Dornfest, the person in Boise in charge of allocating money to taxing districts.  He called Nile because the district has a foregone amount and he wanted to know if we are planning on taking it.  Nile said he thought that we would not go after the foregone amount given the current economic environment but wanted to know if the commissioners agreed.  Nile explained that the foregone amount is the money that we could have taken in previous years but did not take, thereby decreasing the levy or keeping it equal.  Carl explained that Central Fire could potentially receive around $99,000 from the CARES Act if we don’t take the allowable 3% annual budget increase, which would be around $35,000.  Until we have further information on the CARES act money, the budget increase for next fiscal year is up in the air.  Nile thinks that property values will increase enough that we won’t need to increase the levy. 

FIRE CHIEF REPORT:  Jared Giannini wrote a grant from the Idaho Department of Lands for wildland PPE.  The grant was in the amount of $8885 with our match portion being $987.65.  He is asking volunteers to continue to be vigilant about COVID.

ASSISTANT CHIEF REPORT:  Nic said that the truck should be here any day now.  The well pump went out in station 1 and needed to be replaced. 

COMMISSIONER REPORTS:  Jim moved to adjourn.  Roger seconded.  Gordon adjourned the meeting at 8:40. 

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