March 12, 2020 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Opening Prayer:  Gordon called the meeting to order at 8:00 pm. The opening prayer was offered by Mike Miller. Those present were Commissioners Jim Deuel, Mike Miller, Gordon Ball, Dallin Gambles, and Roger Anderson; Fire Chief Carl Anderson with Assistant Fire Chief Nic White; and Battalion Chiefs Jim Kelly, Mike Johnson representing station 2, Mitch Bingham, and Corey Albertson.  Dennis Wilkinson, CFD attorney, was present.  Melanie Sullivan recorded the minutes. Nile Hall and one other patron was present.

Approval of Agenda– ACTION ITEM: Mike moved to approve the agenda as presented.   Roger seconded. The vote by Jim, Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 

Approval of Minutes – ACTION ITEM:  The commissioners reviewed the minutes previously.  Dallin moved to approve the minutes.  Gordon seconded.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 

Budget Review:  Melanie reviewed the budget.  We are still well under budget with larger capital purchases still to come. 

Approval of Expenditures – ACTION ITEM   Jim reviewed the expenditures and did not see anything unexpected.  He moved to approve the expenditures in the amount of  21,802.34.  Mike seconded.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 


  1. BLM locating in Menan station update – DISCUSSION ITEM:   Carl said that he talked to the BC’s and they decided to let the BLM put a truck and crew in the Menan station through the fire season. 


  1. Corona virus/Covid-19 emergency procedures – DISCUSSION ITEM:  Carl said that they do have procedures in place in case Idaho gets cases of this virus, including no family in the fire station or extracurricular events in the station.  They are also working with dispatch to screen callers for symptoms of the virus so that the responders can take appropriate precautions.  They have worked with the hospitals and Public Health to make emergency procedures.   
  2. Ririe engine replacement – DISCUSSION ITEM:  Ririe Engine is schedule to be replaced this year, the cost of which has been included in the budget.  They will piggyback on an Idaho Falls bid and meet with Pierce to get a bid price. 
  3. Capital account/line item budgets – DISCUSSION ITEM:  Mike would like to include in the budget the amount planned on being spent on the bigger ticket items so that the budget will reflect where the money is planned on being spent. 
  4. HB409 Property Taxes – DISCUSSION ITEM:  This has not passed the legislature yet.  If this bill were to be passed, foregone money could not be used, and it would basically freeze taxes.  This would not affect Central Fire District as much as it would other taxing entities.  Nile suggested that if this bill does not pass this year, the district should use the money that the district has not used but could have (foregone) in years past before it is lost.  The levy dropped 10% this year for the fire district. 

FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Carl said that this month there were 92 calls between the four stations.  They have been inundated with corona virus reports.  They have been busy going through building plans for the new construction that is planned.  Jared is writing a grant for the Lucas devices. 

They got dispatched to a school bus/car wreck. The school bus did have 22 kids on it but none were injured.  The car driver did get transported. Carl said that he learned to have one of his own people writing their own list of names and not just the bus driver to be able to notify the parents quicker.

They responded to a mutual aid truck versus train accident.   

ASSISTANT CHIEF REPORT:  Nic said that they got the Fire EMS 24/7 training aid purchased.  This will be a good supplemental help for the volunteers.  Ririe QRU truck is painted and they are working on getting a generator before they mount the box. 

COMMISSIONER REPORTS: Jim asked how the Monday leadership meeting is going.  Carl feels that it is working really well.  Mitch thinks it’s too early to tell yet. 

            Dallin moved to close the meeting at 8:26. Roger seconded.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Roger was unanimous. 

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