November 2019 Newsletter

  • The annual Heap the Helmet For The Hungry fundraiser will be collecting donations at Broulim’s on November 29th & 30th, and December 6th & 7th.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Jared.
  • Christmas party December 12th at 6:30 PM for employees and their plus one.
  2. We had a great training opportunity last weekend.  Curt Isakson from Escambia, Florida, came to Idaho Falls for a seminar.  Curt was brought in by the Eastern Idaho Fire Chiefs, various businesses and the F.O.O.L.S. organization.  He delivered a strong message that captured the attention of those of us that attended!  He gave us some great ideas for training and standardization when responding to calls.
  3. Watch for Task Books to come out for all firefighters.  Your leaders will be able to sign off on the skills you demonstrate at training and on fires.
  4. Call volume is down just a little bit as of the end of October.  November looks to make up for the call shortage though!
  5. NIGHTTIME CALLS – It seems like we often have to run tones more than once for these calls.  If you are on call, PLEASE make sure your radio is on and turned up so you will be able to spring out of bed when the tones go off!!
  6. If you have not received training on saving reports in OneDrive or have questions, PLEASE get with your leadership and learn how to save reports in your stations folder.
  7. It’s Worth The Risk!
    We must recapture the primary mission of the fire service based on the very foundation of what has defined the fire service for decades—building an undeniable trust from the public. We must push for a greater fire service that puts the lives of citizens first, but that also means that firefighters’ lives and property still count. “It’s Worth the Risk” is not just about aggressive interior firefighting; it is also about standing strong against all odds to create better and more effective firefighters by putting yourself out there. Stay true to yourself, stay true to the mission and stay true to the job. -Curt Isakson
  • Station 1
    • EMS – 80 (+11)
    • Fire – 8 (-3)
  • Station 2
    • EMS – 12 (-3)
    • Fire – 2 (-4)
  • Station 3
    • EMS – 4 (+1)
    • Fire – 2 (+2)
  • Station 4
    • EMS – 9 (-2)
    • Fire – 4 (+-0)