September 2019 Newsletter

  • We are looking for some help providing coverage for high school football games.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Victor Gallegos (LT60) or Blaine Ker (180).
  2. CONGRATULATIONS to Brian Owens and Heidi Crane.  They have been promoted to Captain and Lieutenant, respectively, at Station 3.
  3. Due to recent events around the district, I have asked station leadership to remind you, and I will get on my soapbox here as well.  When you are told to stage for an impending call, that is EXACTLY what you need to do.  DO NOT proceed to the scene until you are instructed to do so.  If dispatch does not give you a staging area, then you should select an area that is out of harm’s way.  Staging should not require lights and sirens.  If dispatch or a deputy tells you to go dark after arriving at a staging area, that means you turn off ALL lights.  This is for your protection and safety as well as law enforcements.  Pay attention to all commands if you get dispatched to such a call. -190
  4. Another item I will remind you of on radio protocol is acknowledgement.  If dispatch is updating an address or if you have asked them a question over the radio, they expect you to acknowledge that you received their transmission.  A simple “Copy” is all they need for acknowledgement.
  5. To all the folks who staged for HOURS on the recent Ririe call – THANK YOU!!  You did an excellent job in performing the tasks you were presented with.  Law enforcement appreciates you being there to provide help when needed.
  6. THANKS to Station 4 for setting up the annual Fire/Law picnic.  It is always great to eat together with our law enforcement partners and their families.  We had a great and SUCCESSFUL softball game (WE WON)!!!!
  7. We are currently working with a professor and his class from BYU-I to run some demographic statistics on EMS calls for Jefferson County.  The information they gather will help us make decisions for the growth of the district
  • Station 1
    • EMS – 69 (-3)
    • Fire – 9 (-7)
  • Station 2
    • EMS – 22 (+1)
    • Fire – 4 (+2)
  • Station 3
    • EMS – 2 (-11)
    • Fire – 5 (+3)
  • Station 4
    • EMS – 10 (-9)
    • Fire – 2 (-3)