May 2019 Newsletter


  • Eastern Idaho Fire Academy will be held at CEI May 17th – 19th, 2019. Registration MUST be in by May 10th.


  • We are working toward a pack test for anyone wishing to be Red Carded for wildland season.  A Red Card is not required for our initial call out/first operational period for wildland fires.  However, if we are called to assist another agency, we will be required to have the Red Card.  It is a good idea to start walking and get some exercise in!
  • LEADERSHIP please make sure you have gone through the wildland refresher that we sent out to you.  I would like to have your roster that is included in the refresher.
  • We certainly appreciate everything you do!  EMS is staying busy and fires are picking up.  We’ve seen all sorts of calls lately, a good reminder to be ready for anything! -190

The ABC’s of Professionalism, in The Fire Service. 

  • Attitude. Always have a positive attitude and be grateful for the opportunity to be a member of the fire service. Never show citizens or others that you are not thankful to be out there assisting the public in any capacity. In our job duties, we must anticipate that we engage citizens and other city and county employees at times and incidents that are not always glamorous or convenient. Never let them know you are not pleased to serve or not grateful for the opportunity to respond to their aid.
  • Behavior. We are in the fire service to act, to perform, and to deliver our services to the citizens. Remember, action produces a measurable product. Excuses and nonperformance are not action. Complete all tasks, assignments, and follow-up. If you’re expending effort, perform positively.
  • Courteous.  Being genuine is necessary for excellent customer service. Provide everyone with whom you come in contact with a sense of validity. Be real and respect your citizens.

Station 1

  • EMS – 72 (+16)
  • Fire – 4 (-9)

Station 2

  • EMS – 6 (-5)
  • Fire – 6 (+2)

Station 3

  • EMS – 1 (-1)
  • Fire – 4 (+2)

Station 4

  • EMS – 11 (+3)
  • Fire – 6 (+5)