February 14, 2019 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Opening Prayer:  Jim called the meeting to order at 8:00.  Gordon offered the opening prayer.  Mike Miller was on a call and arrived after the meeting started.  Those present were: Commissioners Mike Miller, Jim Deuel, Dallin Gambles, Gordon Ball, and Roger Anderson; Fire Chief Carl Anderson and Assistant Fire Chief Nic White; Battalion Chiefs Jim Kelly, Blaine Ker, Mitch Bingham with Corey Albertson representing station 3.   Dennis Wilkinson, CFD attorney, was present.  Melanie Sullivan recorded the minutes.  There were only a few patrons.

Approval of Agenda– ACTION ITEM: Dallin moved to accept the agenda as presented.   Roger seconded.  The vote by Jim, Dallin, Gordon, and Roger was unanimous.

Approval of Minutes – ACTION ITEM:   The minutes were reviewed by the commissioners previously.    Dallin moved to accept the minutes as presented.  Gordon seconded.  The vote by Jim, Dallin, Gordon, and Roger was unanimous.

Budget Review:  Melanie reviewed the budget.  We have spent less than we would expect for this time of year.

Approval of Expenditures – ACTION ITEM:   Jim reviewed the expenditures and did not see anything concerning.  He moved to accept the expenditures in the amount of $14,948.35.  Roger seconded.  The vote by Jim, Dallin, Gordon, and Roger was unanimous.

Patron Input (3 minute time limit):  Adam Sullivan took a couple of minutes to thank the commissioners for the job they do.


  1. Acceptance of last month’s audit review – ACTION ITEM: Dallin moved to accept last months audit review.  Gordon seconded.  The vote by Jim, Dallin, Gordon, and Roger was unanimous.
  2. Bid acceptance for wildland truck – ACTION ITEM: Nic White reported that he had a bid piggybacked off of Limhi fire’s bid for a brush truck, which was purchased within this last year.  The cost will be close $172,000 with the radios installed.  Jim moved to accept the bid and get the truck ordered. Dallin seconded.  The vote by, Jim, Dallin, Gordon, and Roger was unanimous.


  1. Replacement of Assistant Chief’s truck – ACTION ITEM: Nic talked to Woody Smith Ford, who is willing to accept the state bid and got a price of $45,350.  It replaces the 2008 that has 116,000 miles, which will become Jared’s truck.  Jared’s truck could be used as a chase vehicle or disposed of. This vehicle purchase has been included in the budget for the fiscal year. Gordon moved to accept the bid.  Roger seconded.  The vote by Jim, Dallin, Gordon, and Roger was unanimous.
  2. Optional EMS modules – ACTION ITEM: Roger said that he and Jared have been looking into getting EMS modules for training. These modules will help the EMT’s receive further training and get more advanced skills.  Dallin moved to accept the optional EMS modules.  Roger seconded.  The vote by Jim, Dallin, Gordon, and Roger was unanimous.
  3. Impact fees – DISCUSSION ITEM: Carl reported that the District made an impact fee agreement in 2009 with the county.  Carl has now asked the county for the impact fee money.  If the money in the impact fee account is not used in ten years, the district would lose the money.  The use of the impact fee is based on the growth of the district and can go towards the trucks that were previously discussed.
  4. Fire Rescue Academy – DISCUSSION ITEM: In late February, Chief Bill Pope purchased the Fire Rescue Academy.   It cost around $5000 and has not been utilized in the way that was hoped.  Carl says that he would like to drop the Fire Rescue Academy and use another program that will better meet the needs of the district.
  5. Changes to agenda format – DISCUSSION ITEM: Dallin has suggested some changes to the agenda format that he hopes will stream line the meetings and utilize the chain of command. The first one is to do away with the patron input portion of the agenda.  If patrons have an item that they wish to discuss with the commissioners, they can have it put on the agenda.   Dennis Wilkinson, CFD attorney said that he thinks that if someone has a specific item, they should have it put on the agenda to be approved ahead of time so that the commissioners can be prepared to address the issue.  Jim is afraid that they will look like they are not open to people giving their opinion. Mike pointed out that if a patron needs a decision made, that it needs to be on the agenda ahead of time anyway and listed as an Action Item.  Dallin moved to remove the patron input portion of the agenda in lieu of having patrons put their item on the agenda in advance if they have something that needs to be brought before the commissioners.  Jim seconded.  The vote by Mike, Jim, Dallin, Gordon, and Roger was unanimous.

The second change that Dallin presented it to take the Battalion chiefs report off the agenda.  He explained that the fire chief would bring forward the information that he received in leadership meeting with the Battalion chiefs, keeping organized through the chain of command and freeing the BC’s from having to attend the commissioner’s meeting if they don’t want to. Mitch feels like some information might be missed if the Battalion chiefs do not give individual report in the commissioner meeting.   Blaine suggested that having the Battalion chiefs not on the agenda might take away some of the checks and balances within the leadership.  Jim said that he likes the way it is set up right now, with the understanding that the commissioner meeting is not the time to bring up policy changes that have not already been put on the agenda and discussed with the Fire Chief.   Dallin moved that they put a subheading under the fire chief reports for battalion chiefs’ input and for the BC’s to bring an agenda item to the Fire chief to be included in the fire chief’s report.  Jim seconded.  The vote by Mike, Jim, Dallin, Gordon, and Roger was unanimous.

FIRE CHIEF REPORT:  Carl reported that they are sponsoring a Wildland Class  with firefighters from all over the Upper Snake River Valley.

They ran an excess equipment sealed auction.

Nic and Jared both received their fire code license.

He has received a couple of fire and safety self-inspection reports back.  This will help with the ISO inspection and improve the rating.  The district will be audited this year.

ASSISTANT CHIEF REPORT:  Nic said that Firehouse Subs is coming to Idaho Falls and asked if the district would donate some old turn outs and such to be put on display.

They have put Ririe’s EMS truck on hold until the new truck designs are out.


Station 1.  Jim:  72 EMS calls, 10 fire calls.  He is concerned that if the Battalion chiefs are taken off of the agenda, that the volunteers at his station might not have their concerns heard.

Station 2. Blaine:  22 EMS calls and 1 fire call.

Station 3. Corey:  2 EMS and 1 fire call.

Station 4. Mitch:  16 EMS and 0 fire calls.  They sponsored a birthday party at the fire station as part of an auction for the library.


Mike said that they have talked with the county commissioners about forming a committee to look at making an ambulance district.  The county commissioners said they would be fine to have the Fire District make a committee to collect information on the issue and bring the information back to the county.

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