January 10, 2019 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Mike called the meeting to order at 8:03. Those present were: Commissioners Mike Miller, Jim Deuel, Dallin Gambles, Gordon Ball, and Roger Anderson; Fire Chief Carl Anderson and Assistant Fire Chief Nic White; Battalion Chiefs Jim Kelly, Blaine Ker, and Mitch Bingham with Corey Albertson representing station 3. Dennis Wilkinson, CFD Attorney was present as well as a few patrons. Melanie Sullivan recorded the minutes

Approval of Agenda– ACTION ITEM: Carl said that Robert Renna might need to be floated down the agenda because he would be unavoidably late. Jim moved to approve the agenda with this small change. Dallin seconded. The vote by Mike, Jim, Dallin, Gordon, and Roger was unanimous.

Approval of Minutes – ACTION ITEM: Dallin moved to approve the minutes that were emailed out. Jim seconded. The vote by Mike, Jim, Dallin, Gordon, and Roger was unanimous.

Budget Review: Melanie reported that we would expect to have spent about 25% of the budget at this time of the fiscal year but we have spent about 15%.

Approval of Expenditures-ACTION ITEM: Roger reviewed the expenditures and reported that he thought that they looked in order. He moved to accept the expenditures in the amount of $17,991.97. Dallin seconded. The vote by Mike, Jim, Dallin, Gordon, and Roger was unanimous.

Patron Input (3 minute time limit): There was no patron input.


  1. Discuss going out to bid on district brush truck and station 2 QRU truck: Nic said that they have been researching these trucks and are ready to go get some firm bids for them. When they have firm numbers, they will come back to the commissioners for a vote.


  1. Discuss Menan station north property line: The original station sat partly on the neighboring property that was given to them by a previous property owner for the north bay of the old fire station to be built on. The paperwork was never filed on this property transfer, so Mike is proposing that the District abandon any claim to this small portion of the property and let it revert to the current owner as per the property records. Dennis Wilkinson, CFD attorney, said that would be the way to do it.
  2. Robert Renna audit review: Robert reported the budget to actual comparison: the annual income typically covers what the district spends, however, this last year the district built the Menan building. This expense came out of the capital savings account and not through increased tax income, which pleased the auditors. He reviewed the expenditures with the commissioners. The district is healthy from a liability standpoint. Owing to the district paying cash for capital assets, the district has no debt. The district is healthy from a liquid standpoint. The numbers are where he would expect to see them for the year.

FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Carl reported that he hired Garth Foster and Brian Owens as the training officers who will make sure that training and that the paperwork for the BLM is current.

IDL has some trucks that are probably available for the district to acquire at no charge. The district will need to put boxes and tanks on them. Carl will see about getting those trucks when the government shut down is over and he can talk to IDL.

Carl asked to show the business inspection sheets to the city. He also took some copies to the chamber of commerce meeting and the president of the chamber of commerce said she would email them out to the business. These inspection sheets are voluntary for Rigby businesses to help them get up to fire code.

ASSISTANT CHIEF REPORT: Nic has been writing grants. One is a fire prevention grant to get smoke detectors to put in homes that need it.


Station 1. Jim reported 58 EMS and 10 fire calls. Station 1 got a new lieutenant. There are some BYUI students who are EMS certified who have come to meetings. Morale is so-so. There are rumors floating around about an ambulance, but the volunteers don’t know what is going on. Roger said that the rumors haven’t come from the fire district, but there is a group of people in the community who would like to get an ambulance in Rigby who have helped generate the rumors. The county is over ambulances and not the fire district. The leadership of the District will form a committee to look at the direction the district needs to move in.

Jim would like to get more volunteers, but it takes a year or two to get new volunteers trained and able to serve. He would like to see more recruiting of volunteers.

Station 2.   Blaine reported 14 EMS calls and 3 fire calls. They got a couple volunteers through the EMT course and a couple more volunteers who have moved back and are returning to service.

Station 3. Corey: 6 EMS calls and 1 fire call. They lost one EMT and have one EMT about to taking his test.

Station 4. Mitch. 16 EMS calls and 1 fire call.   He appreciated the Christmas party.


Gordon moved to end the meeting at 8:50. Jim seconded. The vote by Mike, Jim, Dallin, Gordon, and Roger was unanimous.

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