July 2018 Newsletter


  • District Summer party will be Saturday, August 4th at the Rigby City Park. Brush up on your softball skills, bring your family and come hungry!


  • Wildland fire season is upon us! Just a healthy reminder that we need to keep hydrated in this stressed and hot environment. Please check your backpacks – personal and truck packs – and make sure you have all the necessary gear in them for a prolonged fire.
  • Make sure you are packing a fire shelter! We are working on getting new shelters, but until then please continue to use the one you have.
  • Thanks to all who responded to the calls on Monday! It was a little hectic for a short time, but as always there was calm, cool, rational thinking by all involved and everything was handled professionally.
  • Jared Giannini has taken to his new position like a duck to water. We will be seeing task books soon. The task book is just one of many items that he is working on.
  • If you have suggestions, thoughts, complaints or problems, we strongly urge you to follow the Chain of Command. Our doors are always open but we will ask if you have followed that chain first!


Station 1

  • EMS – 62 (-15)
  • Fire – 11 (+1)

Station 2

  • EMS – 12 (-4)
  • Fire – 2 (-3)

Station 3

  • EMS – 8 (-2)
  • Fire – 2 (+-0)

Station 4

  • EMS – 7 (+3)
  • Fire – 4 (+2)