December 2017 Newsletter


  • The office will be closed Monday, December 25th and Tuesday, December 26th for Christmas, as well as Monday, January 1st for New Year’s Day.

ANNOUNCEMENTS (170’s Corner)

  • A HUGE thanks goes out to everyone who helped with Heap the Helmet this year, and the amazing community we serve! We collected a record-breaking $4200! All of that money has been converted into $20 Broulim’s gift cards that will go to help needy families in our local area.
  • Congratulations to Adam Rhodes! He has been named the new Captain at Station 4.
  • Speaking of Menan, the new station is moving right along! All of the exterior brick work should be completed this week. If you haven’t seen it lately, drive by and check it out!
  • Another busy month has rolled by and again I thank all station members for their hard work and hours they put in for training and calls. At the Eastern Idaho Chief’s meeting this month, I was approached by a member of the committee who told me he has heard CFD being used as an example of excellence in Emergency Response. This is because of the training and the hours that you are willing to give. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
  • We are currently working on arranging some Wildland trainings for those interested. When we get these plans solidified we will let you know.
  • We are losing a lot of structure gloves, or someone is hoarding them! These gloves cost approximately $80 per pair, so if you see them kicking around on the floor or in a truck, please secure them and make sure they get back to their rightful owner. It would be a good idea to put your name or call number on yours to keep track of them.
  • Also, there have been a lot of reports coming in lately that are missing personnel, times and/or CR #’s. Please double check all your reports for completeness before putting them in the boxes.
  • A big WELCOME to our lone new hire this month, Dan Edwards (Rigby)! Also welcome back to Cody Thornton! He ran previously with Rigby and is now living in the Menan area.
  • Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Station 1

  • EMS – 72 (+1)
  • Fire – 10 (-1)

Station 2

  • EMS – 7 (-6)
  • Fire – 0 (+-0)

Station 3

  • EMS – 5 (-3)
  • Fire – 0 (-3)

Station 4

  • EMS – 7 (-1)
  • Fire – 1 (+-0)