October 12, 2017 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Roger called the meeting to order at 8:06 and then offered the opening prayer. Those present were: Commissioners Jim Deuel, Roger Anderson, Mike Miller, Gordon Ball, and Dallin Gambles; Interim Fire Chief Carl Anderson; Battalion Chiefs Blaine Ker, Jim Kelly, Nic White, and Mitch Bingham. Melanie Sullivan recorded the minutes.

Agenda Approval: Mike moved to accept the agenda. Gordon seconded. The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, Roger, and Gordon was unanimous.

Minutes: The minutes were previewed previously by the commissioners. Jim moved to accept the minutes as written. Mike seconded. The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, Roger, and Gordon was unanimous.

Budget Review: This is a new budget year. We ended the last budget year with enough funds to transfer the budgeted $200,000 into the capital savings. We were under budget for the last fiscal year.

Approval of Expenditures: Dallin reviewed the expenditures for the month of $13,084.01 and moved to accept them. Gordon seconded. The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, Roger, and Gordon was unanimous.

Patron Input (3 minute time limit):

Jill Cameron: She asked about the special meeting that the commissioners had on September 27, 2017. Roger said they had it to award the bid for the Menan station. Graham Whipple, architect, explained that a decision was not made during the previous commissioner meeting, so the special meeting was scheduled after evaluating the bids. Carl explained that the news agencies were notified before the meeting. The date of the meeting was posted at the district office.

Jill asked how the building went from $900,000 to $1,400,000. The commissioners said that they are not builders and they could only guess previously as to the price. Graham Whipple explained that some natural disasters possibly make the cost of building materials sky rocket. The concern was that in the past, building materials have gone up after natural disasters and the commissioners did not want the cost of building materials to increase more.

Jill also asked if the bids were open during September commissioner meeting and, yes, they were. The vote for accepting the bid was unanimous, but only after a lot of discussion and thought.

It is the hope that the design of this building will mean that it can last far into the future as the community grows.

Jill asked about personnel shortage at the stations. Roger explained that as the population grows, they will have to look at other options. They are watching the amount of calls that come in to make sure that the calls are being covered.

Dome Technology was awarded the bid.

There are a couple of people who work for Dome Technology that are related to employees or commissioners of CFD, but they do not profit from Dome Technology receiving the bid.


  1. Menan station bids: Dallin explained that the voting was unanimous but only after a lot of discussion. Jim said that   Jeff Egans from the Division of Building Safety said that $1.4 Million was a bargain, compared to what other buildings are being built for.
  2. Ririe water tender 182: Carl and Blaine met with Hughes fire. There were a couple of change orders that did not affect the cost. It should be done by April of 2018.
  3. Lewisville station property: The Lewisville meeting was cancelled, so this discussion will be tabled until next month.


  1. Discuss annual approval of flu shots for personnel: Flu shots will be offered again this year to personnel.
  2. Chain saws: Carl explained that the leadership of the stations would like to replace the oldest chain saws. The tentative price is $500. Jim asked Carl to go to three different dealers for pricing. Carl also asked to replace a chop saw for $1300. He will get bids on those. Jim moved to allow Carl to check prices and buy saws from the lowest priced dealer. Mike seconded.   The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, Roger, and Gordon was unanimous.
  3. Discussion of applications for Chiefs position: Jim reported that they placed an employment ad in the “Western Fire Chief” and in the Jefferson Star. They have currently received three active applications. The application window closes on Oct. 31st.
  4. Updates regarding Menan building: Graham Whipple reported that a letter of intent has been finalized so that some materials can be procured. He hoped to have the contract finalized by Oct 13. Jeff Egan from the Department of Building Safety provided comments concerning conforming to the Americas with Disability Act. These are minor modifications. Graham is hopeful to have the building permit by Friday, Oct 13. Friday is also ground breaking ceremony at 1pm.

There was a question about the price and contract changes during the building process. Graham said that up and down changes are expected in every building process. Graham will be the go-between for the contractor and the fire district. Jim moved that the commissioner contact be Mike Miller. Gordon seconded. The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, Roger, and Gordon was unanimous.

Graham has projected the project completion by April 2018, with the exception of weather-dependent work such as landscaping and asphalting.

Interim FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Carl talked about the leadership meeting. He asked the leaders to put together an SOP committee. He is also putting together a cleaning committee to clean the stations.

Larson Pump Testing is coming out to pump test 5 engines.

The eclipse bill came in and Carl will take it to the county so we can split the cost with them, as agreed.


Station 1. Jim: 63 EMS and 6 fire calls. Morale is pretty good and they are doing more to improve it. Jim is going over all the tools and equipment at the station to put a replacement schedule together.

Station 2. Blaine: 5 EMS 5 Fire calls.

Station 3. Nic: 7 EMS and 1 fire call. Hopefully they have enough coverage. A firefighter just passed his EMT test. It seems that everyone is enjoying being part of the district.

Station 4. Mitch: 9 EMS and 3 fire. Big wild land fire out by the butte. Everyone is excited about the new fire station.


Dallin said that this has been a hard month for the commissioners. There was a lot of discussion and thought put into the decisions made. Bryan has been good for the district, but the commissioners decided that it was time to move in a different direction. It was also hard to make the decision about the Menan building and they have had to rely on people with more building knowledge than they to make that decision.

Mike moved to adjourn. Gordon seconded. The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, Roger, and Gordon was unanimous.

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