August 2017 Newsletter



  • It’s finally Eclipse time! It seems like this has been in the works forever. Let’s just have a lot of fun! There is no stopping an eclipse. Let’s all be patient and well-behaved around the tourists. We have planned for this event the best we know how and let the chips fall where they may. Nobody panic!! If Plan A does not work, we go to Plan B. We will be awarding lifetime achievements to all those who survive!
  • Saturday, September 9th is the 9/11 Fallen Heroes Run/Walk at Snake River Landing. This is a really neat thing to participate in, or just go watch. All 403 firefighters, EMS, and police officers lost on 9/11 are honored by having their name carried by a participant.


  • If your EMT license is coming up for renewal in September you need to log into IGEMS and make sure your account and password are set up. We cannot renew the licenses if you don’t! Most of the renewals have already been processed but there are a few who have not submitted yet. If you have questions, contact Jeanette. PLEASE get this done ASAP; DO NOT WAIT until the last minute!!!
  • Great job on the recent rash of fires we have had! We appreciate all of your hard work. We had one minor injury on the building fire on 73 N. The firefighter is doing well but did get his “bell rung.” Just one of those freak accidents!
  • Thanks to Mike Johnson, Jared Giannini, Victor Gallegos and Mitch Bingham for helping set up the summer party! Also a big thank you to Sandi Melanese (290) from the Sheriff’s office. She got a lot of food donated. Nic White and Jody Youngstrom were pretty good cooks, even if it was an on-the-spot job placement. Everyone else that helped, or even just came and socialized, thank you as well!
  • Speaking of the summer party, the Guns vs. Hoses softball game was not the slaughter it has been in the past. CFD made a MUCH better showing! The score was somewhere around 30 to 24, but that all depends on whom you ask. It was a lot of fun as usual.


Station 1

  • EMS – 60 (-8)
  • Fire – 17 (+5)

Station 2

  • EMS – 23 (+7)
  • Fire – 9 (+3)

Station 3

  • EMS – 9 (+4)
  • Fire – 2 (+-0)

Station 4

  • EMS – 14 (+9)
  • Fire – 6 (-2)