July 2017 Newsletter



  • QRU drill on Monday, July 17th will be a DISTRICT drill at Station 1. The trauma registrars from EIRMC will be here to go over some calls.
  • The District Summer Party is scheduled for Saturday, August 5th at the Rigby City Park. Station 2 is in charge. Bring the whole family for some food and fun! Be brushing up your softball skills; maybe this is our year to finally beat the cops!
  • As if we could forget, the Eclipse is coming up next month, August 21st! Lots of preparations are in the works.


  • If your EMT license is coming up for renewal in September (and there are a lot) you need to log into IGEMS and make sure your account and password are set up. We cannot renew the licenses if you don’t! If you have questions, contact Jeanette. PLEASE get this done ASAP; DO NOT WAIT until the last minute!!!
  • Thanks to all who helped with the parades and other extra-curricular activities through June and into July. It is VERY appreciated by leadership and the patrons of our district!
  • Great work on the desert fires out in the Menan area. Good teamwork amongst all who were out there. It is refreshing to see the trust and camaraderie exhibited out there in the wee morning hours. Thanks for all you do!!
  • Ririe personnel did a great job on a bad accident out on County Line. An SUV was in the canal from a two car collision. The patient was pulled out by bystanders. Life Flight came in and sat down on the road next to power lines. Sometimes it is hard to find a good landing zone, but Alan gave them some options and they were able to set it down. I talked with Josie and she couldn’t believe he put it down as close to the power lines as he did. Awesome professional job by the pilot!
  • Drowning call – Everyone did an excellent job out there. We did everything we could do out on the scene. These are extremely tough calls and it takes a lot of courage and grit to perform. We are so proud of each one of you that were out there. -170
  • LOTS OF CALLS!!! We can see the call volume consistently rising. Keep up the good work! DON’T EVER LET ANYONE GET YOU DOWN! YOU ARE THE BEST!


Station 1

  • EMS – 68 (+5)
  • Fire – 12 (+8)

Station 2

  • EMS – 16 (+2)
  • Fire – 6 (+5)

Station 3

  • EMS – 5 (-1)
  • Fire – 2 (+2)

Station 4

  • EMS – 5 (+1)
  • Fire – 8 (+8)