February 9, 2017 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Roger called the meeting to order at 8:07. The opening prayer was offered by Gordon Ball. Those present were Commissioners Dallin Gambles, Gordon Ball, Roger Anderson, Jim Deuel, and Mike Miller. Fire Chief Bryan Grover and Assistant Fire Chief Carl Anderson, as well as Battalion Chiefs Mitch Bingham, Jim Kelly, and Blaine Ker were also present. Dennis Wilkinson, the attorney, was in attendance as well as several patrons. The minutes were recorded by Melanie Sullivan.

Agenda Approval: Jim moved to accept the agenda as presented. Mike seconded. The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, Roger, and Gordon was unanimous.

Minutes: The minutes were read previously by the Commissioners and Mike moved to accept the minutes as presented. Gordon seconded. The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, Roger, and Gordon was unanimous.

Budget Review: Melanie reported that more was spent in the month of January than was budgeted for that month, consistent with a higher than average call number. Gordon moved to accept the budget review. Dallin seconded. The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, Roger, and Gordon was unanimous.

Approval of Expenditures:  Mike reviewed the expenditures and didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. He moved to accept the expenditures. Jim seconded. The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, Roger, and Gordon was unanimous.

Patron Input: Nobody signed up to give patron input.


  1. Menan library district: Last month, Joann Jones asked the Fire District if the Menan Library could purchase the land that is owned by Central Fire but Jim suggested that the Fire District donate the land to the Menan Library. Dennis looked into the issue and said that if the land is transferred to another governmental entity, there is no prohibition to the transfer.   Mike talked to the gentleman who has been taking care of the property who said he was excited to have the library there. Jim moved that Central Fire donate the land to the Menan Library contingent upon that land being used for a library and nothing else and that the cost of transferring the deed be paid by the Library district. He also included the stipulation that the library decides not to use it, that the land comes back to Central Fire. The motion was also contingent on public notification. Mike seconded. The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, Roger, and Gordon was unanimous.
  2. Demolition bids for Menan property: Carl reported that he advertised for bidding on the demolition. The ad was okayed by Terry Blessing and Dennis Wilkinson. It was advertised in the Jefferson Star.
  3. Truck phones: Bryan reported that the old phones that were carried in the trucks have been discontinued.
  4. Lewisville land discussion: Mike reported that Lewisville will do what is called a quiet title to get that land transferred to Central Fire because of the complicated history that parcel of land has. It was also discussed to exchange well usage for lawn maintenance with the City of Lewisville.


  1. Shay Hartwell senior project – fire cadet program: Shay presented her possible solution to the volunteer shortage. It is to have teenagers (17 or older) go through a fire cadet program so that they can see if firefighting is something that they want to explore for a future career. The teenagers would act as support personnel but once they turn 18, they could take the training to advance as a firefighter. Shay presented several advantages to the community and especially to teenagers. There was discussion as to the possible liabilities of this program. Shay said she would advertise for the cadet program at the High School.   Roger suggested that Carl and Bryan check into insurance issues and that they call Pocatello to find out how Pocatello implemented their fire cadet program. Roger commended Shay on her initiative. The commissioners will find out more about the program and report back.
  2. Conceptual designs for Menan building: Mitch brought conceptual designs that were done. It included a breakdown on the cost of the shell of the building, comparing different building types. The next step they will be working toward is finding an architect. Bryan and Carl will advertise for an architect in the Jefferson Star, The Post Register and The Standard Journal. The architects will need to contact Bryan or Carl by February 28th. They will award the job at the next Commissioner meeting.
  3. Discuss having executive session following meeting. Idaho Code74-206 (1) (b) Personnel issue: Mike moved to have the executive session. Jim seconded. The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, Roger, and Gordon was unanimous.

FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Bryan reported that they have been pretty busy but they are doing well.

ASST. CHIEF REPORT: Carl reported that the company that made the defibrillators that the Fire district purchased a while ago is that the batteries have failed. The company has presented the solution that each battery be inspected weekly. Carl has implemented a system to make sure that each battery is inspected each week. Jim complemented Carl on taking quick action to implement the system.

Madison asked for mutual aid on a house fire in the Madison district. The crews worked well together.


Station 1. Jim Kelly: 76 EMS calls and 5 fire calls. One call was to assist a person was pinned by a one ton hay bale. Morale is good at the station.

Jim Deuel asked that the Battalion chiefs also report how often a station gets multiple calls at the same time. Lisa said she will start keeping track of these overlapping calls.

Station 2. Blaine Ker: 8 EMS, 1 fire. They expect more calls when the ski hills starts icing up.

Station 3.   Carl reported for station 3: 10 EMS, 3 fire calls.   One of which was a warehouse fire. Rigby and Menan were called to help out and Idaho Falls was asked through the mutual aid agreement. They responded to a carbon monoxide call.

Station 4. Mitch Bingham: 12 EMS calls 2 Fire calls. Responded to a fire call where Rigby, Menan and Lewisville all helped out. Moral is good out there.


Roger-EMS & Training/Gordon-Equipment /Dallin-Facilities/Jim-Budget/Mike-PR

Jim moved to adjourn to an executive session. Dallin seconded. The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, Roger, and Gordon was unanimous.