September 8, 2016 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Jim called the meeting to order at 8pm.  The commissioners in attendance were Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Jim.  Roger was excused.  Chief Bryan Grover and Asst. Chief Carl Anderson along with BC’s  Mitch Bingham,  Jim Kelly, Blain Ker and Roy Kennedy  were present.  Melanie Sullivan was taking the minutes.  See patron sign in sheet for the patrons present.

Opening Prayer: The opening prayer was offered by Dallin.

Agenda Approval:   Dallin  moved to accept the agenda as presented.  Mike seconded.  The vote was unanimous my Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Jim.

Minutes:   Mike amended some spelling errors.  Gordon moved to accept the August minutes, Mike seconded.  The vote by Mike, Gordon, Dallin, and Jim was unanimous.

Budget Review: Melanie reported that 81% of the budget for the current fiscal year has been used.

Approval of Expenditures: Dallin and Jim looked over the expenditures.  They reported that the expenditures were in line with the activity of the month.  Dallin moved to accept the expenditures, Gordon seconded.  The vote by Jim, Mike, Dallin, and Gordon was unanimous.

Patron Input:

Albert Anderson expressed concern  about the lack of road signs where Jefferson County and Bonneville County meet .  He questioned whether there could be street number signs placed under the stop signs that indicated the change in street numbering.  Signs including arrows that indicated which number belonged with which street would be even better. It would make finding addresses in an emergency much easier.   Mike said he would  talk to the Road and Bridge Department  to see if something could be done to rectify the problem.  He also expressed appreciation for the work done on the fires.

Jason Averill reported on the trip to Bonneville dispatch.   Mike reported that since the visit, the system has been upgraded to better define which addresses belong to which responders.  Dispatch is working on correcting the issues.  Jason showed them that it is important to have QRU called out first because they can respond quicker.  It was suggested that the Idaho Falls fire department should be contacted with this concern.  Jason was encouraged to keep bringing this issue up. The visit encouraged awareness.  A possible solution to address this is to have a meeting with police, fire, quick responders, etc to iron out these issues. Mike suggests that these calls be documented to show incidences where QRU was not called out quick enough.

Ririe station coverage areas have signs on the road indicating where boundaries are but some of them were placed in the wrong spot when the highway was widened.  Mike explained that Ririe actually covers farther than the legal boundaries just to make sure that all areas are covered by someone.  Jason asked if this “no-mans” land can be officially included in Central Fire District.  Jim said that the citizens of this area need to ask to be included in Central Fire District.

Albert Anderson expressed concern over the confusion of the road naming.  What a road is known by is not necessarily the official name of the road.  The solution was that fire fighters would be trained on all the possible names of the roads and maps would be updated to include all the possible names of the roads.


  1. Station 1 extrication equipment :  It has been ordered and should be here before the next commissioner meeting.
  2. Status of Ririe Generator: It has not been started yet.  Nelson is submitting changes on the transfer switch.
  3. Fit test machine:  Bryan says it should be here any time and may be here already.

There was no new business.

FIRE CHIEF REPORT:  Bryan reported that they have been busy this month.  He wanted to thank the fire fighters for their cooperation in covering the rest of the district while everyone else was busy with the Henry’s Creek Fire.  161 truck problem was caused by water in the air lines.  The piece was under warranty.  It is being repaired.  .

ASST. CHIEF REPORT:  Carl said that the BLM did not kick them off the fire.  They made the decision to withdraw after they had pushed the fire past the boundaries.  There were donations from various people and organizations in form of water, cookies, etc.  The work done on the fire was very much appreciated. There is a chance that there will be some funding back from the Henry’s Creek Fire.


Station 1:
Jim reported a busy August.   They had 16 fire calls and 15 EMS calls.  QRU called to a 4-wheeler accident that resulted in many broken bones but the responders did a great job on their response.  Gunshot wound call to Wendy’s.  There was a lot of confusion and they are still not sure what happened.   Matt Call is the new captain in Station 1.  He has been accepted well and is supported by the rest of the crew.  Morale is good.  Training issues they are being worked through with Bryan.

Station 2:
Blaine: 12 EMS, 7 fires.  One was a false alarm.  Henry’s creek Fire:  thanks to everyone who helped, including the farmers with discs.  One traffic accident was fairly serious.  Morale is good.

Station 3:
One fatality.  Roy reported QRU responded to a call and encouraged the individual to go to the emergency room.  The individual refused.  Later QRU was called again but the individual had passed away.  A false alarm where a woman had called in a fire but what she was actually seeing was the Ririe fire .  Chris Holenbeck has moved and is no longer with the station.

Station 4:
Mitch reported 2 fire calls and 5 EMS calls.  Stations 3 and 4 were called in to assist on a fire out in Roberts.  Menan and Lewisville stayed on the fire longer than Roberts did.


Dallin- EMS & Training/Gordon-Equipment /Roger-Facilities/Jim-Budget/Mike-PR

Dallin:  There has been great publicity due to the good work done by the fire fighters.  Mike said there has been many good things said about the Central Fire volunteers on the Henrys Creek fire.

Jim says that they talked to several people working on Henry’s Creek Fire and they were happy with how Central Fire District performed on the fire.  Jim mentioned  specifically what a great job Bob Hatton did working on equipment and keeping things running during the fire.

Dallin moved to close.  Mike seconded.  The voting by Jim, Mike, Gordon, and Dallin was unanimous.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:55.