July 14, 2016 Minutes

2016-2017 Budget Hearing

Jim called the annual budget hearing was to order at 8:00 p.m. Nile Hall gave the opening prayer.

Nile presented the proposed budget for the coming fiscal year. He indicated that there will be no levy increase and proposed a 2016-17 budget for Central Fire District of $ 1,030,000. There was no patron input. Mike moved to close the budget hearing. Roger seconded. The commissioners Dallin, Roger, Gordon, Mike and Jim all voted unanimously. The budget hearing was adjourned to continue the regular Fire Commissioner meeting.

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Jim called the Commissioner meeting to order at 8:15 p.m. Those commissioners in attendance were Jim, Gordon, and Mike and Dallin. Chief Bryan Grover and Asst. Chief Carl Anderson along with BC’s represented by Jim Kelly, Blaine Ker, Roy Kennedy, and Mitch Bingham were present. Nile & Debby Hall were also present. There were several patrons in attendance.   See patron sign in sheet.

AGENDA APPROVAL: Dallin moved to accept the agenda as presented. Gordon seconded. Roger, Mike, Dallin, Gordon and Jim voted unanimously.

MINUTES: All commissioners had read and reviewed minutes prior to meeting. . Roger moved to accept the minutes as presented, Mike seconded. Those voting unanimously were Gordon, Jim, Mike, Dallin and Roger.

EXPENDITURES. Mike reported that he reviewed the expenditures for June. Roger moved to accept the June expenditures for payment, Dallin seconded. The unanimous vote was Gordon, Jim, Mike, Dallin and Roger.

BUDGET REVIEW: Nile reported that the county checks will be received within the next week. These checks put the district in a good financial position to finish the budget year. He anticipates that we will be able to move approximately $200,000 to the capital fund in Sept. when the fiscal year ends.

 PATRON INPUT: There was no patron input tonight.


  1. Ririe generators: Bryan reported that 3 bids were opened by the commissioners. Wheeler Electric, $48,750.00, Arco Electric, $52,300.00 and Nelson Electric $47,256.00. Dallin moved           to accept the Nelson Electric pending review of the bid specs. Roger seconded . Dallin,         Gordon, Jim, Roger, and Mike voted unanimously.


  1. 2016-17 Budget: Mike moved to accept the 2016-17 budget as advertised at $1,030,000 as discussed in the Budget Hearing. Gordon seconded. Gordon, Dallin, Jim, Roger and Mike all voted unanimously.
  2. Kids Day at the Fair: Sue Kenny presented a request that the district donate a prize for Kids Day at the Jefferson Co. fair.  Dallin moved that CFD donate a prize up to $300 . Mike seconded. The unanimous vote was Dallin, Gordon, Jim, Roger, Mike.
  3. Temporary Secretary: The commissioners met in executive session according to Idaho Code 64-2061A to review 3 applications received for the temporary secretary . Melanie Sullivan was offered the job and she accepted on June 13, 2016.
  4. ICRIMP Commissioner training: Jim reported on the Commissioner training held by Idaho State Fire commissioner association, the State Fire Marshall’s office and ICRIMP representatives. Those in attendance were Gordon, Jim and Mike. They were impressed with the training they received. Many questions and concerns that have faced the district recently were addressed and advice given.
  5. Patron input rules: The State Fire commissioner training included proper etiquette for Patron Input. These recommendations will be posted in the Commissioner meeting room. Mike moved     to accept the recommendation made. Roger seconded. The commissioners voting in favor were Gordon, Jim, Dallin, Roger and Mike.
  6. Station 1 extrication equipment: There is a problem with the spreaders on the extrication equipment at Station 1. They are old enough that there is no repair kit available. Bryan requested  that we purchase a new set for Station 1 at $6295 and with a quick adjust change the total will be $7110. Jim moved that Stat. 1 purchase a new Amkus spreader and the quick adjust change for $7110. Those voting unanimously were Dallin, Gordon, Mike, Jim and Roger. Discussion was held regarding the status of extrication equipment at other stations. Carl reported that equipment had all been checked and was in good condition.

FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Bryan said this has been a very busy month and we are only 1/2 way through the month. The first 6 days there were more reports than in the month of June.

ASST CHIEF REPORT: Carl also reported this has been a busy couple of weeks. Kathy Anderson’s retirement party was last night. Challenger Pallet fire was 10 years ago. Tad Hegsted would like to do something for the volunteers by feeding them on Wed. July 20. He also would like to make a cash donation to the district. Carl suggested that donation money from Challenger and also from those producing the tractor pulls be put into a fund to help the volunteers purchase wild land fire boots. All commissioners felt this was a great idea. Carl also reported that Paul Bradley and Tiffany Wirkus have retired from the fire district.


STAT. #1:
62 EMS 5 Fire
Station morale is really good and everyone is working well together. July 18 will be a retirement party for Paul Bradley at Station 1.

STAT. #2:
19 EMS 5 Fire   Blaine reported that morale is improving at Station 2. Shelby Robertson and Steve Holms have completed and passed the EMT course and are now running with Stat. 2

STAT. #3:
7 EMS   1 Fire   This month as started out very busy. Morale is good. They are excited to have a new EMT working with them. They have had one volunteer leave for work and also a new volunteer start.

STAT. #4:
4 EMS 0 Fire     Mitch reported that Morale is good. They didn’t have as busy month as in the past.


Jim thanked Nile and Debby for their work with the fire district. He also reported that the district will begin the process of engineering and planning for the new Menan fire station. He is happy to report that due to good financial planning this building will be paid for with money that has been set aside for this purpose. There will be no cost to the patrons through tax increase. Mike reported that Menan Co-op hopes to have their old building vacated and turned to the district within the next couple of months.

Gordon moved to adjourned the meeting at 9:00 meeting. Jim seconded. The commissioners Jim, Gordon, Jim, Roger and Mike voted unanimously.