June 9, 2016 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Jim called the Commissioner meeting to order at 8:00 p.m.. Jim Kelly gave the opening prayer. Those commissioners in attendance were Jim, Gordon, and Mike. Dallin was excused tonight. Chief Bryan Grover and Asst. Chief Carl Anderson along with BC’s represented by Jim Kelly, Blaine Ker, Roy Kennedy, and Mitch Bingham were present. Nile & Debby Hall were also present. There were several patrons in attendance. See patron sign in sheet.

ZONE 3 COMMISSIONER SWEARING IN: The May election for commissioner from Zone 3 has been certified by the Jefferson Co. election clerk. Roger Anderson was elected during the May election. Roger was sworn in by Debby Hall at tonight’s meeting. Roger expressed his appreciation to those that supported him. He also expressed that this is a good organization but we can always be better. He promised to do his very best to include commissioners in district trainings. He also suggested that the district appoint a committee of volunteers to make recommendations to continue to make the district better.

 AGENDA APPROVAL: Additions to the old business agenda include a report on an Eagle project at the Lewisville Station. Bryan has a report regarding a Fire Commissioner training meeting. This will be added to new business. Mike moved to approve amended agenda . Gordon seconded. Those voting unanimously were Gordon, Jim, Mike, & Roger.

MINUTES: May minutes were read by Nile. There were two changes made to the May minutes. Gordon moved to accept the minutes as amended. Roger seconded. Those voting unanimously were Gordon, Jim, Mike and Roger.

 EXPENDITURES. Jim reported that he reviewed the expenditures for May. Gordon moved to accept the expenditures for payment , Mike seconded. The unanimous vote was Gordon, Jim, Mike and Roger.

 BUDGET REVIEW: Nile reported that we are now working on the 2016-17 budget. Next year’s budget hearing will be held at the July meeting.   He said that we are planning to budget for a new Menan building. Jim asked if there will be a need to raise the levy. Nile said that we will not need to raise the levy and by leaving the budget the same as last year, there is a possibility that the levy will go down.


Several patrons were in attendance. See Patron Attendance Sign-In Sheet. Doug Stevenson and Jason Averill addressed the commissioners. Doug said that he was appreciative of the improved training at the Ririe Station.   Jason expressed concerns about dispatch problems from Bonneville Co. There was discussion about the problem and what is being done between Jefferson Co and Bonneville Co. dispatch.


  1. Lewisville Station flag pole – Kaden Romreill reported that his Eagle project, putting up a flag pole at the Lewisville station is almost complete. He was able to get a stainless steel pole. He did talk to the mayor of Lewisville to get permission since the station is on city property. Mike and Roy commented on how nice the base looks. Rock from the old Lewisville town hall was used in the base.
  2. New Menan Building: Nothing has been done in regard to the building at this time. Jim said that we need to begin planning for the new budget year.
  3. 3. Ririe generators: Carl reported that the plans and specs for a generator at Ririe have been sent to the State electrical engineer and they have approved . We need to now advertise to bid these generators. This will be done in the near future.


  1. District clerk leave of absence: Nile will be gone on an LDS mission for 23 months. He has expressed an interest in taking a leave of absence. Mike moved to grant Nile an unpaid leave of absence. During that time the district will hire a part time/short term employee to fill in. This part time employee will be paid for actual time spent. The position has been properly advertised and posted with three application having been received. These will be reviewed in executive session tonight. Nile has agreed to provide training before he leaves and will be available by email and phone to help answer question about expenses and budget issues while he is gone. Nile can be reimbursed at an hourly rate of $12. Gordon seconded.  Gordon, Jim, Mike and Roger voted unanimously.
  2. Idaho State Fire Commissioner meeting: Bryan reported the Idaho State Fire commissioners association will hold a training for fire commissioners at Station 1 on June 27. Several area fire departments have been invited to this training. The commissioners agreed they will try to arrange their schedules so they can attend.

FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Bryan this has been a very busy month. He reported that things have been going good. He anticipates this is going to be a hot, dry summer which means an active fire season.. He also reported that all the fit testing for the SCBA has been completed.

ASST CHIEF REPORT: Carl reported that he is proud of the volunteers that think outside of the box. He reported on a challenging water rescue and also the upcoming events in June.


STAT. #1:
54 EMS  11 Fire
Station morale is really good and everyone is working well together. He reported that they worked with Ririe on a house fire and commended each station  for working so well together.

STAT. #2:
20 EMS 5 Fire  Blaine reported they have been busy. Station 1 assisted Ririe on a       house fire. Morale is getting better and he feels that trainings have improved.  He appreciated everyone trying to make things better .

STAT. #3:
13 EMS 1 Fire
   Motorcycle vs. car accident which everyone worked well        together.   Kirt Cynada is a new firefighter.   Chris Forman will be taking the EMT class. Mitch has been training the stations on the new SCBA equipment. Roy reported their station has been trained on the new SCBA equipment. Mitch is doing a great job with training.

STAT. #4:
13 EMS 2 Fire  Mitch reported that Morale is good and the volunteers are happy when  they are busy. The new SCBA equipment is in place and training is taking place.


Mike commended everyone on the job done at the MVA last night. He said everyone worked so well together and he was proud of the great job done.

Gordon also expressed appreciation to the volunteers.

Jim said he is very proud to be associated with the Central Fire District.

Gordon moved to adjourn and go into Executive Session. Mike seconded. Roger, Mike, Jim, Gordon all voted unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 9:00