April 14, 2016 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Jim called the Commissioner meeting to order at 8:00 p.m.. Those commissioners in attendance were Jim, Gordon, & Dallin with Mike being present on a speaker phone. Jim informed those in attendance that the meeting was being audio recorded. He also noted that a video camera had been set up to video record the meeting. Jim polled the commissioners if they were ok with this. Gordon, Dallin and Mike stated they were not , as it was already being audio recorded. Jill Peterson stated they had contacted ICRMP and were told they could video the meeting. Dennis Wilkinson said that ICRMP didn’t contact us to let us know of the request and at this point it had not been verified. The commissioners said we simply do not consent to the video recording. Jim Kelly gave the opening prayer. Chief Bryan Grover and Asst. Chief Carl Anderson along with BC’s represented by Jim Kelly, Michael Johnson , Roy Kennedy, and Mitch Bingham were present. Nile & Debby Hall were also present. There were several patrons in attendance. See patron sign in sheet.

AGENDA APPROVAL: Dallin moved to approve the agenda as presented. Gordon moved to accept it. Mike indicated that he had not seen the agenda, as he was out of town. Those voting to approved were Gordon, Jim and Dallin.

.MINUTES: Jim asked those commissioner present if they had read and reviewed the minutes from March 10, 2016,and they all indicated that they had. Dallin moved to accept the minutes that have been reviewed by the commissioners.

Mike seconded. The vote was unanimous by Gordon, Jim, Dallin and Mike.

EXPENDITURES: Gordon moved to accept the March expenditures for payment. Dallin seconded. Dallin, Gordon, Jim and Mike voted unanimously.

 BUDGET REVIEW: The budget was reviewed by Nile and stated we are 58% through the year and have spent 55% of this year’s budget. Nile reviewed the air compressor fill unit costs. He said we were able to save enough from the purchase of the new fill units to pay the cost of the 8 new cascade bottles for the fill units at approximately $1500.


Jim discussed the intent of patron input. He explained that this is an important aspect of our meeting. Positive changes have been made in the district due to comments made during patron input. The commissioners have decided that we will give 5 minutes to each of those who have signed up to express their concerns . In the future, the commissioners will develop guidelines that will help direct efficient patron input. They will be following the guidelines used by the County Commissioners. Jim also requested that those patron concerns be submitted in writing to the Commissioners for further review.

Those requesting to address the commissioners included:

Paul Radford, Dave Coffey, Doug Stevenson, Jill Peterson, Brian Owens, Albert Anderson, Jason Averil, Lori Newton. Brian Owens, Ginger Brown.


  1. New 164: Paint is cracking and has been examined by a couple of body shops. They are recommending that we wait about a year to see how much it will crack. The problem with the Amkus extrication equipment on that truck was an installation error and that has been corrected by the Amkus dealer from Salt Lake.
  2. Generators: Nothing done this past month.
  3. CBA units: Fit tests have been about 90% complete. This needs to be done on a yearly basis. Brian reported that to purchase a fit test machine would be $9032. It was suggested that we check with Madison Fire Dept. as they are considering purchasing a machine and they may be interested in sharing the cost. Gordon made the motion to check with Madison Fire Dept. to see   if they are interested. Dallin seconded. Dallin, Gordon, Mike and Jim voted unanimously.
  4. 4. New EMS Protocols: Epi-pens have been purchased. Glucose monitors have also been Protocols have been written. There has been a district training on this equipment with Idaho Falls ambulance. For those that didn’t get to that training, there will be training held at each individual station, and EMTs will be required to sign off when their training is complete.
  5. Sale of old 164: Sale has been accomplished.
  6. Sale of Haz-Mat truck: Sale has been accomplished


  1. Extrication: The Amkus equipment has been taken from the old 164 and put on the new truck. It has come to their attention that this equipment can no longer be repaired – they don’t make the conversions kits any longer. During the testing it was proven that there isn’t enough power in this equipment and it was twice as slow as the equipment on the Lewisville truck. Brian is suggesting that we consider purchasing new spreaders due to the fact that newer cars are harder to cut into. This would be $6295 and a new cutter, $ 4110. He feels that the rams are still workable at   this time although we would need to purchase new hoses to accommodate the larger unit. This issue was tabled until next month. Idaho Falls FD may have equipment that can help.
  2. Legal Issues: A question has come up regarding the picture content that is put on the district web page. Dennis Wilkinson said that we should make sure that no patients, license plates or   addresses can be seen. He also said that there should be no pictures of minors, however it is ok to       have pictures of our volunteers on the scenes.

Bryan and Dennis are going to review the District SOGs. ( Standard Operating Guidelines)

FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Bryan reported that this has been a very busy month. He also reported on the Fire School which had a lot of good information. Carl taught a class on propane.

ASST CHIEF REPORT: This has been another busy month. Carl reported that 2 stations worked together at a Ririe call. Idaho Falls ambulance has been at the several trainings and it has been greatly appreciated.


            STAT. #1: 58 EMS/7 fires These numbers are up from last month. Moral is good. Stat. 1 is having a daytime shortage but have been able to cover EMS

            STAT. #2:  9 EMS/ 1 fire

            STAT. #3 4EMS/3fire  There were 2 false alarms. Roy announced he will be retiring in December.

            STAT. #4: 9 EMS/ 3 fire   There has been an increase in calls in the desert due to bon fires and other miscellaneous activities. Morale is good.


Dallin discussed the way that commissioners are chosen. He stated he has never had an opponent when his term was up. There haven’t been many CFD elections held that had multiple candidates. He expressed appreciation to the Chiefs, B.Cs and volunteers. He said that he takes his commissioner job seriously and considers it a great responsibility of overseeing the budget tax dollars.

Jim explained the way he was chosen and appointed to be a commissioner. He said this has been a learning experience. He also explained the budgeting process.

Gordon moved to close the meeting at 9:30 p.m.. Dallin seconded. Dallin, Gordon, Jim, Mike were unanimous.