March 10, 2016 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Jim called the Commissioner meeting to order at 8:00 p.m.. Those commissioners in attendance were Jim, Gordon, & Dallin with Mike being present on a speaker phone. Dallin gave the opening prayer. Chief Bryan Grover was excused. Asst. Chief Carl Anderson along with BC’s represented by Paul Bradley, Blaine Ker, Roy Kennedy, and Mitch Bingham were present. Nile was also present. There were several patrons in attendance.

AGENDA APPROVAL: Carl would like to add two items to the New Business on the agenda. Those items will be the Security System, and Carpet. Dallin moved to accept the additional items on the New Business agenda. Gordon seconded. The vote was unanimous by Jim, Mike, Gordon and Dallin.

MINUTES: Nile read the minutes from February 11, 2016. Minutes were amended regarding Mud Lake resolution & sale of old 164. Dallin moved to accept the minutes as amended. Gordon seconded. Dallin, Gordon, Mike & Jim, voted unanimously to accept.

EXPENDITURES: Gordon moved to accept the February expenditures for payment. Dallin seconded. Dallin, Gordon, Jim and Mike voted unanimously.

 BUDGET REVIEW: Budget reviewed by Nile. He said that we are half way through the budget year and at this point most categories are below 50% . Those that are over 50% are due to the SCBA masks, air compressor fill units and suction units, but those categories will come back in line as these expenditures are matched properly with their budget allocations.

PATRON INPUT: Jill Peterson addressed the commissioners with concerns regarding an AED at Ririe. She asked several questions about the battery life, service/maintenance protocols and training. These were addressed by Carl Anderson. Audrey Wolfensburger spoke to the commission. She was impressed with the work that Carl did to correct the problem with the particular AED in question and other AEDs in the district. She had questions about the expiration dates on the AED pads. Carl explained that our current AED pads are interchangeable with Idaho Falls ambulance which is an advantage for us in keeping the pads current. Jim Kelly representing Station 1 as Lt. explained that he is responsible for checking expiration dates. He said that there is no equipment at Stat. 1 with expired dates. Jim Deuel representing the commissioners responded to the concerns. He said that checking expiration dates is policy for all stations. He said positive changes have been made to insure correct protocols are in place and being followed . He said that these changes have come about because of inquires that have been made- and that is a good thing.


  1. New 164: Carl reported that the truck has been examined. The paint issues are being corrected at this time. Paul Bradley noted that the repairs are being paid for out of the bond that was with held at the factory.
  2. Generators: Carl reported that an architect and engineer are still working on the specs. No bids have been submitted at this time.
  3. SCBA units: There will be a representative here next week to give a recommendation and bid on the fit test machines.
  4. 4. Suggested New EMS Protocols: Jeanette reported that the new protocols have been reviewed by our medical director. These protocols will become part of the SOPG. She said that when the new equipment comes in there will be training for all EMTs. She also reported that there was a tazer and pepper spray training by Rigby City police. She estimated that apx. 75% of the Station 1 EMTs received that training.
  5. Sale of old 164: Dennis Wilkinson reported that a resolution was published regarding the sale of 164 to Mud Lake fire department for $10,000. Mud Lake has accepted the purchase price and the sale has been completed.
  6. Sale of Haz-Mat truck: There were four closed bids received for purchase of the old Haz Mat truck. The highest bidder went to Holst Truck Parts of Ucon for $4127.50 Mike moved to accept the Holst truck bid. Gordon seconded. The vote was unanimous by Mike, Gordon, Dallin and Jim.
  7. Provident Insurance Status: Insurance information has been submitted to Archibald Agency in Rexburg for renewal. No renewal price has been received yet.


  1. Budget Hearing Schedule: Nile proposed that the District budget hearing for 2016-17 be held on July 14, 2016. This information will be submitted to Jefferson, Madison, & Bonneville Co to be published on the upcoming tax notices.
  2. Legal Issues: There have been two requests for information from Jill Peterson. That information has been collected and delivered to Mr. Wilkinson. There is another pending   which   is being collected at this time. Mr. Wilkinson noted that he is not responsible for collecting the PIR information. The district personnel provide the information to him for review and distribution.
  3. Security System: As reported in last month’s minutes there was damage done to Station 3 building. It had been suggested we check into a security system. Camera estimates for all stations from Omni Security $19,826.which would include 24 cameras at all four stations. This would link to the district office. Boomer Electronics $6000. Carl feels that this should be tabled at this time because there has only been one incident in the district in these many years. The BCs were asked their opinion. Gordon moved to table the issue at this time. Dallin seconded. The vote was unanimous by Dallin, Gordon, Jim, Mike.
  4. Carpet: Replacement carpet for the district office and the class room at Stat. 1. Estimates were aprox. $6200. Mike said that he felt that we should wait for the new budget year and include this in that budget. All commissioners were in agreement – Dallin, Gordon, Jim & Mike.

FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Bryan was excused tonight.


* Carl informed the commissioners that the new SCBA fill tank system will need additional tanks for the fill systems at Menan and Rigby for $24,000.00. The existing tanks are not compatible with the old fill system being replaced. Jim asked if there is money in the budget for this extra expenditure. Nile reported that the there is money that can be taken from the Capital contingency fund..   Dallin moved to purchase the additional new tanks to complete the project. Gordon seconded. The vote by Dallin, Gordon, Jim and Mike was unanimous.

*Carl also reported on the tazer and pepper spray training by the City of Rigby police.

* Leadership is developing some check off lists that everyone will have to show they have been trained on different aspects of fire fighting.

* Menan Co-op has had building plans approved and they anticipate a completion date in July.

* Mike who was communicating via phone left the meeting at this point.


            STAT. #1: 26 EMS/3 fire Paul said this is down from previous months.

            STAT. #2:  15 EMS/1 fire Blaine said things have also slowed down for them. Shelbie Robertson is taking the EMT class and she has been running on some calls with Ririe.

            STAT. #3: 9 EMS/1 fire They are in need of additional help. They are losing 2 volunteers.

            STAT. #4: 5 EMS/0 fire Training on the new SCBAs. They are also cleaning and getting ready for the new SCBA equipment.


Gordon moved to close the meeting at 9:39 p.m.. Dallin seconded. Dallin, Gordon, and Jim were unanimous.