February 11, 2016 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Jim called the Commissioner meeting to order at 8:00 p.m.. Those commissioners in attendance were Jim, Gordon , Mike, & Dallin. Mike gave the opening prayer. Chief Bryan Grover and Asst. Chief Carl Anderson along with BC’s represented by Paul Bradley, Blaine Ker, Roy Kennedy, and Mitch Bingham were present. Nile & Debby Hall were present as secretary. There were several patrons in attendance.

AGENDA APPROVAL:  Jim requested an executive session to discuss personnel. Jim invited Roger and Lori to attend.   Mike moved to accept the amended agenda. Gordon seconded. The vote was unanimous by Mike, Jim, Gordon, and Dallin.

MINUTES: Debby read the minutes from January 14, 2016. Gordon moved to accept the minutes as amended, and Dallin seconded. Dallin, Gordon, Jim, and Mike voted unanimously to accept.

EXPENDITURES: Gordon moved to accept the January expenditures for payment. Mike seconded. Dallin Gordon, Jim and Mike voted unanimously.

BUDGET REVIEW: Due to recent expenditures on new suction units, turnouts, and SCBA , certain budgeted categories are out of balance at this time but as the year progresses they will become balanced.

PATRON INPUT: :   Jared Giannini felt that the commissioners should be informed about a message he received on face book. A patron of the district has asked Jared about certain procedures and protocols of the district. Jared was advised by the attorney that any questions should be directed to the commissioners by this patron at the commissioner meetings or through a formal request for information.


  1. New 164: There is a problem with the paint job and Bryan is taking the truck to get it looked at. He would to have it touched up and a sealer put on to give it more wear. The equipment and tools are being mounted.
  2. 2. Turnouts: They have been inventoried and are in service. The volunteers are very happy .
  3. Generators: Brian has meet with Rocky Mt. Power to resolve a problem with the meters at Ririe. The specs for the generator have been prepared and they will get this out for bid.
  4. SCBA units: It has been decided to get individual masks for each volunteer. Brian reported that apx. 90%-95% of the volunteers have been fitted for masks. The volunteers  are very happy with this new purchase.  Bryan suggested that we purchase a fit test        machine. It is apx. $5000. This will enable the district to fit and seal the masks as we get new volunteers. This would also give us the ability to test the masks on an annual inspection. Mike suggested that Bryan and Carl look into the cost of the fit test machine and report at the next meeting.
  5. 5. New Protocols: Jeanette is still working on this and has gotten suggestions from the When it is decided she will get the approval from our EMS medical director and get them implemented in the district.


  1. Sale of the old 164: Bryan would like the commissioners to consider the sale of the old 164 -2001 Ford. Mud Lake ambulance is interested in purchasing this truck. There was discussion of the value of the vehicle. A resolution needs to be   advertised in    the paper with the purpose and intent to sell this truck to Mud Lake ambulance. Mr. Wilkinson said that we need to explain why this is in the public interest to sell to Mud Lake. There was discussion regarding the advantages this would be to Mud Lake. Many patrons expressed that many people from this side of the county drive to the Site and are on the roads which are serviced by Mud Lake ambulance They are currently running EMS out of the back of pickup trucks. There are also safety issues which this truck could   help alleviate. Carl said that this truck was built as a rescue truck and would be more of a benefit to them than to have someone buy it and strip it down. It also was mentioned that in the past we have not gotten the market value out of vehicles when put out to the    highest bidder.  Mike moved to draft a resolution that in the public’s best interest, Central Fire Dist. agrees to sell Mud Lake ambulance the old 164 -2001 Ford for $10,000. Dallin seconded. Gordon, Dallin, Mike and Jim voted unanimously. Bryan &    Carl will advertise this for the district.
  2. HAZ Mat truck: Bryan is recommending that we sell the Haz Mat truck. There is some interest in it. Gordon moved to sell the Haz Mat truck and advertise in the Jefferson Star to anyone interested in this truck. Jim seconded. Those commissioners voting in favor were Gordon, Mike, Jim and Dallin.
  3. 3. Great Feeder canal bridge/road: Jim and Mike reported on the County commissioner meeting they attended, regarding a bridge across the Great Feeders. The county commissioners have decided that there will be a bridge. This will be a great benefit to the district.
  4. Menan Valley Wide Co-op: Mike reported that he attended a meeting regarding some variances that Valley Wide is requesting for their new building in Menan. Valley Wide Co-op has decided they will donate the older C-store property to the fire district.   The district is interested in this property to build a new fire station. They anticipate that the new Valley Wide store will be finished in July 2016.
  5. Provident Insurance: Renewal for the supplemental insurance is due April 1. Dallin moved to renew this insurance, and Gordon seconded.   The vote was unanimous by Gordon, Dallin, Jim and Mike.
  6. Response to Public Information Request: Jim reported on requests for information. Jim reiterated that the District is more than willing to answer requests for information.    This information needs to be requested pursuant to Idaho Code and will be addressed through our attorney, Mr. Dennis Wilkinson. Mr. Wilkinson responded to a recent information request. This letter was read into the minutes and a copy is included with these minutes.

FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Bryan reported that the month started very slow but ended very busy with 3 fatalities. There are a few trucks that need service i.e: wheel bearings, brakes etc. There has been some damage to the back side of the Ririe building. It is not known when or how this was done. There was discussion of security cameras to monitor the outside of our buildings.

ASST CHIEF REPORT: Carl reported on a problem with the Middle School fire alarm. They did find some smoking wood behind a heater and thus alleviated a potential problem. He is still working with local businesses on fire safety inspections. He also reported on prank calls in the area. These could cause a very expensive fix for any businesses that activates their fire systems.


            STAT #1: 52 EMS/3 fire  Station 1 is working on training. Paul has asked for help from his station with suggestions for needed training. They had one call with a young girl having difficulty breathing. This resulted in her death. There has been several calls with patients having breathing difficulties. He believed that a lot of it is due to the cold weather.

            STAT. #2: 18 EMS/1 Fire:   They have had a lot of calls to Kelly Canyon.

            STAT #3: 1 Fire/ 8 EMS: Corey Albertson will be the new Capt. Roy reported on two fatalities. One deceased with a DNR order and Early this month (Feb.) they responded to one deceased at Idahoan Foods. Menan and Rigby assisted with CPR and the help             was much appreciated. Stat. 3 is in need of additional personnel.

            STAT #4: 1 Fire/6EMS:   Mitch reported on an incident in which two horses were hit on the highway by two vehicles. The people in the vehicles were very lucky and no one was hurt.

COMMISSIONERS: Gordon and Mike expressed appreciation for all the volunteers for their hard work and dedication. Jim reported on the CPR call at Lewisville and expressed appreciation from the family. They realized the difficult situation that it was. He also said that the family of a lady in his neighborhood, who recently passed away, expressed their appreciation to the QRU. They recognized the kindness, caring and compassion that was exhibited by the QRU. Jim said that he is proud to be associated with this group of people.

Gordon moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:00, seconded by Dallin. The vote was unanimous by Gordon, Dallin, Jim and Mike.

The commissioners then moved into an executive session to discuss personnel.