January 14, 2016 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Jim called the Commissioner meeting to order at 8:00. Those commissioners in attendance were Roger, Jim, Gordon, & Dallin. Gordon gave the opening prayer. Chief Bryan Grover and Asst. Chief Carl Anderson along with BC’s represented by Ben Doman, Blaine Ker, Roy Kennedy, and Mitch Bingham were present. Nile Hall was excused and Debby represented the secretary.

AGENDA APPROVAL: Jim proposed that the audit be presented before the minutes are read. Gordon moved to accept the amended agenda. Roger seconded. Those voting in favor were Roger, Jim, Gordon, Dallin.

BUDGET REVIEW/AUDIT : Budget review was deferred to Robert Renna for the 2014-15 Audit report. He explained a new change in reporting the PERCI payments on the audit. He reviewed the expenditures, the budget and the revenue income. He commended the district for planning for the future and said that the financial reserves are there for future capital expenditures.   Dallin moved to accept the audit as presented, Gordon seconded. The vote by Gordon, Jim and Dallin was unanimous. Jim mentioned that Robert Hardy, CPA, represented by Robert Renna has been doing the district audit for over 12 years. He expressed appreciation to Bob for the job they have done for the district.

MINUTES: Debby read the minutes from 12/10/2015. Gordon moved to accept the minutes as amended. Dallin seconded and those voting in favor were Roger, Gordon, Jim, Dallin.

After reading the minutes, Jim explained that as mentioned in the minutes, the Ririe Commissioner seat will not be filled until the May election. Roger was thanked for his service as a commissioner and was excused to attend the meeting as a patron.

EXPENDITURES:   Dallin moved to accept the Dec. expenditures for approval. Gordon seconded. Gordon, Jim, and Dallin voted to approve.

PATRON INPUT: Several patrons were present . Lori Newton, Audrey Wolfensberg, Roger Anderson, Jeannette Andersen, Brian & Lisa Owens were in attendance.


  1. 164: The truck has been in service for about a month. There are a couple of issues they are getting taken care of. The volunteers are excited about the new truck. it has been a great asset                  to the district.
  2. 2. Turnouts: The next batch of turnouts is here and waiting to be inventoried. They will be in service soon.
  3.  Generators: Brian has meet with Rocky Mt. Power to resolve a problem with the meters at the Ririe Station and that has been taken care of. Carl explained the specs that have been              recommended                    by Mark Babb. The estimated costs are approximately – parts $5000,                   Generator $24,500 transfer switch, $3000 and $35,000   labor.   Carl says that with this plan we                 are ready to put it out to bid. Gordon moved to put the generator for the Ririe Station out for          bid, Jim                  seconded, Jim, Gordon, and Dallin voted unanimously.
  4. New suctions units: They have been purchased and are in service. Each station has been trained on them. They are very nice and working well.
  5. SCBA units: It has been decided to get individual masks for each volunteer. Brian reported that apx. 90%-95% of the volunteers have been fitted for masks. The volunteers are very happy                 with this new purchase.


  1. New Protocols: Jeanette reported on some new suggested EMS protocols. Those protocols include: Administering Epi Pen, Blood glucose testing, and taser barb removal. They are still                   researching procedures, equipment and costs.

 FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Bryan reported they had a good month.

 ASST CHIEF REPORT: Carl reported that Jason Averill wanted to thank the commissioners for the new stethoscopes. Those EMTs in attendance tonight also agreed that it has been a great improvement.

He also reported that they are more involved with the City in inspecting and approving business for fire safety.


STAT #1: 43 EMS/5 fire : Station 1 was represented by Ben Doman. They have one firefighter taking the EMT class at EITC. They are excited to have 164 in service. They are getting the kinks worked out.

STAT #2: 8 EMS: Blaine reported on a problem with dispatch and calls in Bonneville Co. He also thanked the commissioners for the Christmas party. They have 2 people taking the EMS class.

STAT #3: 1 Fire/ EMS: Roy reported on a call that burned a barn and several pigs. There was a problem with the 911 dispatch from Bonneville county and Mike is working on that.

STAT #4: 2 Fire/11EMS:  Mitch reported on a fire during the extremely cold weather. Their station is excited to get the new SCBA in service.

COMMISSIONERS: Dallin moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:00. Gordon seconded. Jim, Gordon, Dallin were all in agreement.  The meeting adjourned at 9:10.