November 12, 2015 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Commissioner meeting began at 8:00. Those commissioners in attendance were Roger, Jim, Gordon, Dallin, & Mike. Chief Bryan Grover and Asst. Chief Carl Anderson along with BC’s represented by Paul Bradley, Blaine Ker, Roy Kennedy, and Mitch Bingham. Nile Hall was present as Secretary. Dennis Wilkinson, District attorney was also in attendance.

AGENDA APPROVAL: Mike requested an executive session at the end of the meeting . Mike moved to accept the amended agenda. Jim seconded. Those voting in favor were Roger, Jim, Mike, Gordon, Dallin.

MINUTES: Debby read the minutes from Oct 8, 2015. Roger moved to accept the minutes as amended. Jim seconded and those voting in favor were Roger , Jim, Gordon , Dallin, and Mike.

BUDGET REVIEW: Nile reported that the expenses for last month, apx. $46,000 were an average month.

EXPENDITURES:  Mike moved to accept the Oct. expenditures for approval. Dallin seconded. Roger , Jim, Gordon, Dallin, Mike all voted to approve.

PATRON INPUT: Several patrons were present representing the different stations. Brian Owens, Jared Giannini, Jason Averill, Brenna and Jim Kelly, Victor Gallegos, and Clay & Shelby Robertson. Jason Averill spoke with the commissioners about the need for better stethoscopes. There was discussion regarding the need . Jim moved that Bryan and Carl check into the cost of new stethoscopes. Roger will check into the cost of a Propack.   Mike seconded. All commissioners , Roger, Jim, Gordon, Dallin, Mike voted to approve.


  1. Election: The district attorney Dennis Wilkinson reported on the Commissioner election and the problem in which patrons in the district area of Madison County didn’t have a chance to              vote for commissioner. He reported there will be a new election held in May. Roger Anderson and Lori Newton will be the only ones on the ballot for this election.
  2. 2. New 164 Report: Truck is here and there are still some things that need to be installed . $10,00 was withheld from the original invoice to pay for additional items that were not                  completed at the factory.
  3. Update on Turnout replacement: Carl reported the need for 12 more new turnouts this year. He would like to begin to sort the old turnouts and get rid of them as they don’t meet the           national fire standards. The cost will be $ 1035 for coats and $805 for pants.
  4. Generators: This item had been put on hold, waiting to see what the SCBA status /cost was. Bryan said they will get the specs together and contact an electrician to make sure that it          meets our needs. They will start with the Ririe station.


  1. Flu Shots:   The commissioners agree that this is a good service we can provide for our employees. This opportunity has been provided by the district for several years.   Anyone           wanting a flu shot can get a voucher from the district office .
  2. Suction Units: Bryan said that the suction units are at least 10 years old. The cost will be $4262.25 for 5 units. Mike moved to purchase 5 more suctions units. Roger seconded.                  Commissioners voting in favor were Roger, Jim, Mike, Gordon, and Dallin.

FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Bryan reported we received a $5000 grant from Northwest Farm Credit Services. This money will be used towards the SCBA purchases.

ASST CHIEF REPORT: Carl said things have been busy. They had several calls requiring CPR. Carl is working with Menan Co-op to get their plans approved for their C Store. Queen Bee is also anxious to get their tank gas tank in. There was also a request from a daycare center for approval to open but was denied due to lack of required overhead sprinklers.


STAT #1: 5 Fire/ 51 EMS:
Station 1 is excited to get the new 164 in service. They had several trauma and CPR calls. Paul reported that the everyone worked well together and all actions were appropriate.

STAT #2: 4 Fire/8 EMS:
Blaine reported on a motorcycle/vehicle accident. Blaine expressed his appreciation to his station as to how well they all worked together on a difficult CPR case.

STAT #3: 3 Fire/ 4 EMS:
Roy reported on a call at Kevin Andersons home. Kevin actually had the fire out by the time the truck arrived. They are looking at a couple of new hires.

STAT #4: 0 Fire/ 7EMS:
Mitch reported on an arson training they attended. They had the opportunity to use some of the training at a fire the next day. They have a new hire Broc Nelson.

COMMISSIONERS: Jim reported on a call in his neighborhood.   This gentleman requested that Jim pass on to Station 1 EMS how much he appreciated the way he was handled.

Jim also recommended that a sign be put in front of the station on meeting night to advertise the Commissioner meeting. Everyone agreed this was a great idea. The meeting is also announced on face book, email and the webpage.

Mike moved to adjourn the meeting, Roger. seconded. Roger, Jim, Gordon, MIke, Dallin were all in agreement.

The commissioner meeting adjourned at 9:00 and moved into an executive session to discussion personnel.

The Executive Session was called to discuss the need for a new secretary to take over while Nile is on a mission. Brenna Kelly has filled in on several occasions. Nile is recommending Brenna for the job . Brenna and Jim were in attendance and she agreed she would be willing to take on this responsibility. Nile and Brenna will get together to review the responsibilities.