October 8, 2015 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Commissioner meeting began at 8:10pm. Gordon welcomed and called the meeting to order. Nile gave the opening prayer. Those commissioners in attendance were Roger, Jim, Gordon, Dallin, & Mike. Chief Bryan Grover and Asst. Chief Carl Anderson along with BC’s represented by Paul Bradley, Blaine Ker, Carl Anderson, and Mitch Bingham. Nile Hall was present as Secretary. Dennis Wilkinson, Attorney attended.

Dallin moved to accept the agenda, Jim seconded, voting unanimous.

MINUTES: Nile read the minutes from Sept. 10, 2015. Jim moved to accept the minutes as amended. Mike seconded and the voting was unanimous.

BUDGET REVIEW: Nile explained that we ended the year with $153,713 more income than budgeted as a result of back taxes that were collected during the year. We also spent $275,941 less than was budgeted and that the $250,000 that expected to be transferred actually was completed as per Sept 8 minutes. A report of the 2014-2015 Actual Profit and Loss statement will be placed on the Web site. The commissioners, chief’s and BC’s were commended on their fiscally responsible use of public funds.

EXPENDITURES: Dallin moved to accept expenditures. Jim seconded. Vote was unanimous.

PATRON INPUT: 4 additional patrons were present but had nothing to say.


  1. 164 Chassis: Bryan and Paul are flying out on Wednesday to get the new truck. . (Pictures were shown at the end of meeting). Second row seats will be shipped to the district office to be installed locally.
  2. SCBA Grant: Our application for SCBA’s on the grant wasn’t even looked at. We were told that there will be no money for that there. Gordon moved to go ahead with the purchase of 55 SCBA units that come with 2 bottles for total of 110 bottles and 70 facemasks and 16 voice amplification units for total of $355,275. Dallin seconded and voting was unanimous.
  3. RIRE/Bonneville County Dispatch: Mike & Carl will be addressing the issues with the Bonneville County Dispatch at the next training
  4. Update on Turnout replacement: May only need a few replacements for this fiscal year.


  1. Requisition for Information: We need to make sure that we know the validity of the people making the request. Pass info through the lawyer if necessary.
  2. BENEVELONT FUND: Decided that we will not do a specific fund. Just let people know.
  3. COMPRESSOR/FILL D UNITS: Jim moved to purchase 2 simple air Complete package units and 1 Compressor only without the fill unit. 2 compressor packages $49,741 and 1 fill station only,$12,667. Mike seconded and vote was unanimous. With some switching around of equipment this will put a complete package at each of the 4 stations.
  4. STORAGE FEES: Dallin moved and Gordon seconded that the storage fee for the boat and wave-runners be started in 2015-2016 and that the past years fees be waived.

FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Had one mutual aid with Ammon fire district at an apartment complex. Shelley, Ucon, and IF also participated.

ASST CHIEF REPORT: Carl is working with Co-op building, 16,000 gallon tank for the owner of Queen Bee and the dance studio is asking for information.

STAT #1:
12 Fire/ 36 EMS: Kudos to the group that helped with Ammon. They are excited about 164 coming. Good attendance & training.

STAT #2:
1 Fire/11 EMS: Slower month. Anticipating the fire commissioner race.

STAT #3:
3 Fire/ 8 EMS Treated 19 people 8 car wrecks 2 extrication. Minor fires. Have maybe 4 more people requesting employment.

STAT #4:
3 Fire/ 8 EMS: Fire near butte at Don Mickelsen’s. Guys did a great job. Parking lot drain is back up to where it was

COMMISSIONERS: Gordon stated how much he appreciates all that everyone does and moved that the meeting be closed at 9:15. Dallin seconded and Unanimously approved.

Some stayed around to look at pictures of the new 164.