September 10, 2015 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

Commissioner meeting began at 8:00pm. Gordon welcomed and called the meeting to order. Roger gave the opening prayer. Those commissioners in attendance were Roger, Jim, Gordon, Dallin, & Mike. Chief Bryan Grover and Asst. Chief Carl Anderson along with BC’s represented by Paul Bradley, Blaine Ker, Roy Kennedy, and Mitch Bingham. Brenna Kelly was also present to take the minutes for the Hall’s.

Jim moved to accept the agenda, Dallin seconded, voting unanimous.

MINUTES: Brenna read the minutes from August 13, 2015. Gordan moved to accepted minutes, Roger seconded. The vote was unanimous.

BUDGET REVIEW: Jim explained that the budget was looking really good and that the proposed budget would be put on the Web Site. He also designated that Capital Expenditures could be spent in the amount of $1,700,000 which divided up would be $600,000 for SCBA replacements, $250,000 for upgrade and generators at each station, $250,000 for a new Ririe Tanker, and $600,000 for a new building at the Menan Station. The budget for these amounts were approved at the commissioner meeting following the budget hearing in August of 2015. Jim also moved that the $250,000 of budget savings be transferred into the Capital account to help cover the cost of these future expenditures. It was seconded by Dallin and unanimously approved.

EXPENDITURES: Mike moved to accept expenditures. Dallin seconded. Vote was unanimous.



  1. 164 Chassis: Getting closer. Pictures have been received, progress has been seen through the pictures. (Pictures were shown at the end of meeting). 164 will have a regular seat in it not a SCBA seat. Winch was different, had to order another. Second row seats will be shiped to the district office to be installed locally.
  2. MENAN Building: Mike has a neighbor that is an architect and has offered to donate his time to help with plans when the time comes. The co-op is hoping to be in their new building by February 2016, so construction for the new Menan fire building will not be able to begin until next spring.
  3. SCBA Grant: Still have not heard anything regarding the grant. Should be awarded within the next three weeks.
  4. RIRE/Bonneville County Dispatch: Mike & Carl looked into some of the problems with dispatch in regards to Ririe being dispatched late. They were informed that Bonneville County has been extremely short staffed, normally having five dispatchers and were down to two. They also stated that Bonneville County explained that during the events that were mentioned that they were busy giving CPR instructions, and getting life flight in route. It was mentioned to notify Jason Avrill of the information that had been found out.


  1. LOCAL GRANT POSSIBILITIES: Bryan talked to an applied to Northwest Farm Credit for some money. The County talked with Bryan about some extra monies in their computer and rescue equipment budget. About $6,000 worth of bills were sent over which included new computers and rescue equipment.
  2. ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS: Zone 1, Zone 3 and Zone 5 commissioner positions are up for reelection. Dallin filed for Zone 1, Gordon filed for Zone 5 and being the only ones on filing will automatically win those zone positions. Two people have filed for Commissioner of Zone 3 , Roger Anderson and Lori Newton. The Nov 3 election will decide which person will receive the position of Zone 3.The election process allows all voters to vote for their choice of commissioner for each zone. County handles all elections.

FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Alan Perry is Idaho State’s new Fire Marshal, Tom Mroz is new Chief Deputy Fire Marshal.

Judge just made a new ruling that it is illegal to discount fire department rates for ambulances. They will go back and charge for the past three years. This will not affect us but could affect Madison and Idaho Falls.

ASST CHIEF REPORT: Mentioned two calls. We backed up Madison County on a fire with truck 142 & five firefighters for about 3 ½ hours. Madison mentioned that they were impressed with Central. There had also been a very “dirty” call.

STAT #1:
Fire/ 67 EMS: Good attendance & training.

STAT #2:
6 Fire/14 EMS: Had a crazy call on county line between two women, and a cat.

STAT #3:
5 Fire/ 3 EMS Caleb Anderson’s retirement party is scheduled for September 16th @6:30. Light dinner will be served. Please let Station 3 know how many will be attending.

STAT #4:
1 Fire/ 5 EMS: Morale is good

COMMISSIONERS: Gordon stated how much he appreciates all that everyone does.

Jim moved and Roger seconded that the meeting be closed at 9:00. Unanimously approved.