June 11, 2015 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

The Commissioner Meeting of Central Fire District commissioners was called to order by Chairman Gordon Ball and began at 8:10. Those commissioners in attendance were Gordon, Jim, Roger and Mike. Dallin came in later. The minutes of the May meeting were read and Mike moved to approve them, Jim seconded and voting was unanimous.

Nile reviewed the budget, reporting that being 2/3 way through the budget year we are still in good shape. This month of May was not a big payroll month because of rain that decreased fire calls. Jim moved to pay the May expenditures, Gordon seconded and the vote was unanimous.

Old Business:

* Jim introduced Dennis Wilkinson to the board. He gave a brief resume of his dealings with public entities. There was discussion of an hourly vs. retainer fees. Jim moved to hire Mr. Wilkinson at an hourly rate. Roger seconded and the vote was unanimous.

* Marketable Media presented the commissioners with an over view of the new web page. Many suggestions were made and will be followed up with the chief and staff.

* Bryan reported there has been some difficulty getting information about the status of the chassis for #164. It was decided to have Mr. Wilkinson review the contract and write a letter to encourage communication with the district.

* Fire Apparatus has completed the hose and ladder testing. Bryan was very pleased that all the ladders passed inspection and of the 18,205 feet of hose tested only 600 feet failed.

New Business:

* There was discussion of the duties and pay scale for Lieutenants and Captains.

Chief Reports:

Bryan reported that the entire district has not been as busy this past month.

Carl reported on a MVA in which our EMTs demonstrated great skill in using the extrication equipment. I.F. paramedics called our people ” Rock Stars”… but we already knew that.

B.C. Report:

Station 1: Fire: 9   EMS: 48 Had a great training with INL doing high level rescue and repelling.
Station 2: Fire: 3   EMS: 16 Blaine is pleased with the job Station 2 is doing.
Station 3: Fire 1   EMS: 3     Roy reported that all is great at Station 3.
Station 4: Fire 0   EMS:7     Mitch reported on a call involving an Air Idaho transport.

Commissioners: Thanks to everyone for doing a great job and keeping our patrons safe.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.