May 14, 2015 Minutes

Fire District Commissioner Meeting

The Central Fire District commissioner meeting was called to order by chairman Gordon Ball at

8:00 p.m. Commissioners in attendance were Gordon, Jim, Dallin, Mike and Roger.

The budget review was presented by Nile and reported that we have had a big payroll this past month. We are approximately 7 months into the budget year. We anticipate paying for the new rescue truck with the next month or two. Gordon moved to pay April expenditures. Mike seconded and the vote was unanimous.

Old Business:

*Twenty new turnouts are here and have been assigned. Carl reported that we got twenty turnouts last year and anticipates needing about 12 more next year.

* The Firehouse inventory training was very informative. This is going to be a great benefit in tracking inventory and other information.

* The new web page is expected to be activated within the month. Suggestions were made as to what information could be included.

* The ladder and hose testing will be completed by Fire Apparatus by the end of the month.

New Business:

* Mike explained the new reverse 911 provider will be able to make emergency information more readily available to each volunteers cell phones.

* Bryan reported on a training he attended in Boise. He is recommending the district have an attorney that could be available to advise the district on potential legal issues.  Jim recommended contacting a few attorneys and determine who could work with the district.

Chief Reports:

* Bryan reported that we have had a very busy month. He reported that the volunteers expressed appreciation for all the commissioners do for the district.

* Carl said that Central Fire District has been asked to be the Grand Marshall for the Stampede Days parade on June 20. He reported on a very successful mass casualty drill and also a MVA in which 17 volunteers were at the scene. He expressed appreciation for how well they all worked together .

B.C. Reports:

Station 1: Fire:19 EMS: 55   Paul reported on the extremely busy month.
Station 2: Fire 1   EMS: 11   Blaine reported that Stat. 2 was dispatched to help with Rigby call.
Station 3: Fire 4   EMS: 4   Roy reported an accident that included help from 3 stations.
Station 4: Fire 5   EMS: 8   Mitch reported on a mutual aid fire call in Roberts.

Commissioner Report:

Jim reported his experience watching the mass causality drill. He was impressed with the way it was organized and executed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.